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    1. colten plays

      Epic employee I see u

    2. colten plays

      My my I think we have a spy

    3. FadedNate

      The Chaotic Duo 🤣

    4. Darrien Green-Parker

      Mr. Fresh I need your help too make t-pose traversal My Instagram is devons.legacies if you want to talk more about this then just add me and we can chat on it

    5. Dianna Schleben

      I have seen 2 fortnight scams on this one video.

    6. Thomas Petrey

      I wanted the snipers

    7. boltzvfx


    8. Jay love

      Lazarbeam: says the drum shotgun is bad Lazarbeam a few years ago: says 5 drum shotguns is a op meta

    9. noam k

      Really?, The dualies?, Not the god damn hoverboard?


      Hi your my hero

    11. Leonel Machado

      Your cracked

    12. Rachelle Whittaker

      Fresh at the start of the video: I hate this gun Fresh 7 minutes later: I like gun right now Then he gets a victory

    13. Lauren McBride

      The weapon isn’t that bad Like if you agree

    14. BigMac Gamer

      Fortnite be like everyone like dual pistol

    15. Jacob Ward

      the Dual pistols op

    16. Nathan Wagner

      Lazarbeam:hit like if you like dual pistols. Me:spams like

    17. Ava Timmons

      Well the duo pistols anyway

    18. Ava Timmons

      It’s crap

    19. mincraftcreeper

      I killed 27 people with dual pistols i love them

    20. Dabanana4lyfe

      Dual pistols are my favorite. I'm sorry they weren't yours, but hopefully the rerelease changes that

    21. Alspawn


    22. Elliott Gronevelt

      Except the dual pistols are actually really good

    23. Deadline668

      The exotic one was very good I like them but they make me die

    24. Ivan Gastelum

      Dualies are good🥲🥲🥲🥲

    25. Jayden Scott Games

      I love the dueles

    26. Barbara Royal

      I love the dual pistol

    27. Maria Mathis

      8:33 ayyy lakers Lebron James

    28. Poopy Amethyst

      The. Duals r back?!?!?!

    29. Proplayer9811


    30. Brutus Clan

      Dual pistols are trash as hell

    31. Claudia Alfaro

      Fresh: I got a 20 bomb Subtitles: I got a tiny bum

    32. Freckles0489

      # Pls REAPLY

    33. Freckles0489

      Hey Fresh i an a big fan of u and Lazar and my brother is to. I was wondering 2 things. 1. Which state of Australia do u live in because I live in Australia and I want to know if you are close and 2. Can I play a game with u one day

    34. Jahyden Ragan

      The fan favorite was actually the rpg

    35. Masked Man

      Fresh: Landon where are you? Suptitles for some reason: >madam< where are you?

    36. Wyatt

      Me who loves the pistols : (。ヘ°)

    37. Mason Elbe

      I insane with dualies

    38. Carolyn Jones

      Laserbeam give him likes if you like this gun Fresh don’t say that I’ll get no like People give him all the likes

    39. dextahh

      what’s funny is that the damage didn’t get changed at all since it was last vaulted

    40. Sandrine Elie

      Lazerbeam: Like if u like this gun . Fresh: WAIT I’m NOT GONNA GET LIKES: Me: likes . 79k peeps: likes

    41. Dy Edwards

      The dull pistol is good

    42. Monke pog banana boy

      The duels are great guns

    43. Yogurt

      Ohh come on the dualies are amazing and are so fun

    44. Laurie Beth Mandil

      Fun you Lazar fun you bad

    45. Spite is the best

      The dual pistols are actually good dude

    46. Diane Kirk

      I thought the update was poop

    47. Lego r2-d2

      C’mon man dual pistols are one of my favorite Guns because commander Rex from Star Wars the clone wars

    48. Toby and friends 2

      Quit fortnite

    49. Toby and friends 2

      Quit fortnite

    50. aden jackson

      Dude a lot of people loved them and people in the comment section don’t say you don’t like them if you do because they said they don’t be your own person

    51. swamp child da boss

      dual pistols is my favorite tho

    52. AK - 07MR 774727 Tomken Road MS

      whats the pickaxe fresh is using

    53. Piggy Butt362

      The dualies are good though

    54. phasmaARCHIVES

      I really like the dualies and prefer it over most ars.

    55. PANDA PLAYS🐼


    56. Wrestling Ninja

      I like the Doolies

    57. Kado_23

      I thought it was going to be the drum

    58. Kieren Prowse

      Yvuc tv jgydjv h dhvh

    59. DoubleJ1223

      It’s one of the fan favorites that is usually forgotten about it’s favoritism IDK why though

    60. Rodimus &Knuckles

      The dualie is great

    61. baby squeak

      The daily pistols are pretty good why do people hate them?

    62. Tyson Record

      New body guard has prop o madic

    63. Elias Gouveia

      i like the dulies cause the damgae is supirior and cause of ythe ammo and fire rate it hitsg hard and you dont waste ammo

    64. Cool Beans

      Poop gun.

    65. Alfie Ginger

      Well I won 13 games with the deadpool dulies in a row

    66. Ethan Francis

      Fortnite is kind of dyeing

    67. William Kates

      Brush the daulies are godly and op

    68. FREX

      Im dying without the hoverboard

    69. usefull idiot

      dualies is my favourite gun

    70. Luke Wargo

      Why do they hate the dualies, they aren't bad

    71. Peachy Man

      Be grateful

    72. Tommy Paul


    73. Tommy Paul


    74. StagedLeader644

      4:15 We all suck with the dualies because the dualies suck

    75. Thomas Sparling

      Has anybody’s load out gone small? Bring down the house of god 😡😡😡

    76. animefan2008

      I love the dual pistol

    77. 2vkiller

      Could of been henchmen’s and there aimbot 😳😳😳😳

    78. Jose Florencio

      It's my favorite gun how dare you

    79. The Carson’s

      Me 3 years before noob 3 years after I play like fresh

    80. ryan johnson

      My opinion, I LOVE the duelies

    81. Thomas Charbonneau

      Fresh:says he won't get any likes because Lannan said like if u like the dual pistols Also fresh: drops a twenty bomb like it's a piece of cake with the pistols and says the pistols are godly

    82. Mikey Morton

      Lannan should play more Sub to fresh and lazer

    83. JJ Skills

      I love the dualies especially the hop rock ones

    84. Malakigamings


    85. Elias Ayala

      welp ima unlike cuz he if we liked the wepond

    86. zara kitchen

      Fresh is shit

    87. zara kitchen

      Use code lazar

    88. Navy Ninja

      I love the duel pistols

    89. cats

      What if fresh played fnf

    90. Oh Yeah Yeah

      epic knows shit all about the fortnite community

    91. Tyasonn Tyasonn

      The dual pistols are just a better smg

    92. alida flus

      Fresh: “i suck at the dual pistols” Also fresh drops a 20 bomb like it’s nothing with the pistols

    93. Mateo Shullio

      I’ve always loved the Dual Pistols

    94. abbsnn cose

      “WE HATE THIS NEW UPDATE!” “You know, these aren’t actually so bad.”

      1. alida flus

        But it is everyones favorite. Personally, it was one of my favorite weapons

    95. James Carter

      Lannan i havent played in so long bro i havent played in 6 seasons i thought the drum gum and the heavy was still in the game

    96. Fairuz Fairuz

      the dual pistols is for controller...

      1. Fairuz Fairuz

        @abbsnn cose I know....but you need to have a good aim

      2. abbsnn cose

        Yo like the dual pistal is cracked

    97. Monsters Burnham

      The dual pistols aren't nessecarily the best gun, but the noise they make is just 😩

    98. Monsters Burnham

      The dual pistols aren't nessecarily the best gun, but the noise they make is just 😩