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    1. Huzaifa Hussain

      Dweah ffiggle

    2. -_ CooL_-


    3. Ciaran Williams


    4. kyle Gaayon

      Finally!!!!! Lazarbeam is playing

    5. Abbas Kh


    6. sad sandwich

      Who are u BOOMER

    7. Duygu Muşovi

      is that a pickle

    8. Dexter Best

      Hi Kyro gaming

    9. Paris Potter

      lets go

    10. Liam Janicki

      Fresh is the best

    11. team Psychoclan

      What's up guys yes

    12. AstroZ BTY

      I got used to hearing king lazar vioce 😂

    13. Mango

      roses are red, fresh is cracked, floor is lava is hell like a being killed by a tac

    14. Wolf Lagacy

      First game lets gooooooo

    15. CRG_WeRtEr


    16. big boy gooms

      Day 7.37 million of waiting for Fresh to say: Whats up guys, no

    17. riZin


    18. Aiden Acres

      What’s up guys yes I am hyped to watch this

    19. Fortnite Gameplay


    20. Lincoln The Gamer

      Hey guys and yes laserbeam is better than me

    21. Siracha Life


    22. ashraf El masry


    23. Hamza games

      YOur the best

    24. Vincent Schreuder

      Yess fishy boi

    25. yeboigotshot 101

      eh lazer sounds like hes lost his passion for the game..sad to see

    26. Lelo Loli

      When he means we I think he means him

    27. Kaidenkygamer

      The floor is drama

    28. Allan Rony

      Fresh rocks

    29. jason charle


    30. Rocket957

      I sometimes get a glitch where when I play a HUgets video multiple play at the same time so I could hear fresh and some random man talking about squid testicels exploding

    31. Levi Walker

      Great video

    32. Stray Fn

      People who watched this on Lazars stream 👇

    33. Keygan Dalton

      I just now saw the code lazar on the lazar beam skin arm

    34. tasanna henry

      I Yo yo fresh Asian I've been watching you for a couple years

    35. Unnabh Paudel


    36. Dark Editzz

      3:03 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    37. Kiesha Moravian

      Hi ky and fresh

    38. Plasma


    39. DAHOUD

      0:45 Nice one Lazar, Fresh

    40. Danny Brown

      By we, you mean you 😂

    41. Adam Arif


    42. Funtimeblue

      Wait in the floor is lava game mode there a bloody valacon

    43. Explosive Stinker

      If you look at the back of the screen when fresh won you can see there was a volcano erupting and it mite just be for the game mode but it mite mean we’re getting another volcano

    44. ae ugh




    46. Pigeon Meatball


    47. Pashav Joel


    48. GoatedHankFN

      Title: WE BEAT THE LAVA Me: Not “WE” Fresh beat the lava 😂

    49. Phillip Regis


    50. Alejandro

      Fresh y lazar Best Friends forever

    51. Shoto Tordoroki

      Says the spire with no emotion at all

    52. Siilvx

      7:50 step bro?

    53. entity Results

      When I die in that tournament I feel like I'm at five nights with Freddy

    54. Attacker Ankit

      From king to a team leader, nice "Improvement"

    55. the dynomite gamer

      Did anyone else notice that at 8:40 on the right side of the screen you can see the volcano erupt???

    56. austin cliver

      Your are The best you tuber

    57. Trenton Prine

      Whats up guy YeEEEsS

    58. Anna Scott

      Why has he got de lever do

    59. Dynamic Zyro

      God bless

    60. X2Kid

      The aura at the start had a scar ???????

    61. Ricardo Isabella L W

      use code ''lazar'' not fresh

      1. Striker Toast YT


    62. Say Du


    63. princespaceman

      Proud to say I watched this stream live

    64. Teoq Lerma

      hello yes

    65. oz gaming

      Gowon bro

    66. Galaxy Scout 99

      How did you get a lever shut gun

    67. NOBODY -_-


    68. Gemma Salter

      You won

      1. Muhammad Yusuf

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    69. The Aquatic Falcon

      Uh did anyone see that aura that had a scar in the pregame lobby?

    70. JFill12

      Lazarbeam spoiled endgame He said that he was iron man for sacrificing himself

    71. NinjaM Gaming

      at 0:47 did any body notice the guy that was shooting lazar had a scar that's sus bro

    72. Gravedigger Plays

      Little kids teaming still couldnt win

    73. BV Games


    74. Hassan Sapatwalla

      Is it just me or does lazarbeam sound like high Australian version of Johnny Depp

    75. Rick Ngo

      It's been sooooooo long

    76. Brenda Urbieta

      this was on his twitch I was watching 😩

    77. Chantelle Marie Plant

      I knew it me and my friend where in your match we built the sky base when you was shooting jelly

    78. Erika Ibanez

      he has the best thumdnails

    79. Derik Denny

      the guy and his duo who died at 7:12 were my friends. When they realalised that they were killed by Fresh...Bro... They literally went MAD. they were so hyped and they just couldn't shut up about it

      1. Flair!


    80. samer el hajjj

      How did u get lever action?

    81. Teslaz Ψ -

      Fresh keep up the great work I love your content

    82. Teslaz Ψ -

      Let’s se how many subs I can get currently at 41

    83. Help me reach 10k With 0 videos

      I wish all who sees this best of luck

    84. xd naxx

      No one: Absolutely no one: Lazar: the spaya

    85. PogoStick_YT

      I quit fortnite 🙁

    86. Cr4cksh0t On_ig

      Fresh his first word whatsup guys YES

    87. Nick Dedding

      Lazer you can loot I’m just going to sit on the mountain

    88. Nick Dedding


    89. Awesome Noah Goodfellow

      Can you add me

    90. Álmos Trisztán Csányi

      We love you Fresh!!!!!!!!

    91. Wafaa Nuseeb

      Let go

    92. Wafaa Nuseeb

      Use code fresh

    93. OGFRESH2020

      Omg I was the area skin

    94. Isaac Universe

      Cool Jimmy😎 Ay who wants to get a win in floors lava

    95. Haki Dawson

      You are the Best

    96. Magic Cass

      I'm ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TOO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK..