we used every SUPER FLOPPER in fortnite


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    1. JGraz Energy

      1:35 song?

    2. Omega YT

      The midas was not removed from the game, I got it in a solo game

    3. superbot3928soonttv


    4. Chris

      Fresh a Midas looper which was removed from the game Me WHAT

    5. Libby Duncan

      It's my nannas birthday today

    6. KvNG WIZZ

      6:08. still so confused how that happened Streamsniper?

    7. S4lt Wind

      I am groot.

    8. Abir Moussa

      Hmm i was NOT removes i caout it TODAY

    9. Chocolate Yummy

      you should make the thickest fish

    10. - CURSE -

      Thank me later 1:29

    11. Abdullahi Mohamed


    12. Billy Needs Subs Plz

      Back at the start of the season their were rumours for the midas and vendetta flopper but the videos were all clickbait but now midas and vendetta flopper are in the game

    13. Daniel Xia

      do tthis challenge again

    14. Squiglerrr R

      Did anyone else hear that at 6:16 it was weird....

    15. Dewey Xd

      I’m a fishy budda why do you have to eat fish

    16. Diana Pena

      i love storm!!!!!

    17. Anthony Galler

      I love watching your guys videos man you guys are awesome

    18. Aarav Seksaria

      R.I.P. TIKO

    19. Pancakes Are DA Best

      one time i got the vendetta fish

    20. Kerr Notman

      A hop flopper, i think you mean. A floppity hoppity

    21. Sceptic Sharks

      You could say nerd/geek

    22. juan evan

      Gg gamers

    23. Gamer Kid

      Father son bonding be like


      DONT EAT FİSH!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR FİSHY ARMY!!!!!

    25. Who else is in quarantine

      It’s time for a game of can you find the perfect timing

    26. AssassinZilla Gaming

      Thiccest super fish

    27. Finley Blackford

      The Midas fish wasn’t removed it just hasn’t been added yet

    28. Xavier Phabmixay

      If fresh can write back to me that would be great question is how does he grind so much

    29. Mad plushy Gaming

      We use all super floppers in fortnite small fry: am i a joke to u

    30. Josh Jayjohn


    31. Noah Guymon

      When lazerbeam had a higher level than fresh Me: WHAT IS THAT WTF IS THAT

    32. Nicolas Barron

      Groot in infinity war 5:05

    33. Laura Hooker


    34. Zarglar sf

      New season?

    35. Twister

      Fresh: "HES A NERRRD!" My brother when he walks in: "Hypocrite"

    36. Shadow Gamer

      Super cool video and if you see that you can help me to the 50 subscribers would be very nice of you 😁

    37. Green_eye 101

      I see the titles that say fortnite, not fortnite:battle royal. I get quite confused 😐

    38. chief 1 redwolf

      The whole world is set up to show consequences for doing wrong. All have lied and stolen and looked with lust. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death 💀 🔥 but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17. Visual Bible movies 🎥, on HUgets

    39. Danish FNU


    40. storiedprism593

      fresh is one of those sweats that won't just complain about literally everything in the game

    41. Iman Fahmy

      Fresh: I threw it further enough Me: very much good English

    42. LILL NINJA


    43. SouYung

      Literally 99.999% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    44. SouYung

      Literally 99.999% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    45. SouYung

      Literally 99.999% won’t see this but if you do, god bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    46. Zachary

      Boi what about the midas fish :/ Its a real fish but its just 0%

    47. jiggleBear '

      Me and my spent all in battle lad looking for the the vendetta fish we both found are own

    48. Riley Wells

      Fresh is so good

    49. Zeke & Javen


    50. Hossam Barhom

      hugets.info/show/uoWths2014x9pXI/vide.html e


      Lazarbeam is weird

    52. 10K subscriber with 1 video challenge

      "One People Who Like This You Will Be A Billionaire One Day" "Good Luck For All"

    53. Rex Sanchez

      The carbon-based metal comes from an airtight room, burns the air with fire, then turns into carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide is 60% denser than air, so it puts more pressure on the metal, making it denser. it's worth trillions of dollars, you can study it yourself.

    54. Sreys Streams

      Hey random person scroling through the comments, i hope you have an awesome day!

    55. Martin Reyna

      Fresh:thar is no super fish. Me:thar is a shild fish

    56. Helen O'leary

      Hi fresh I just subbed gg on the success btw I use your code in item shop and followed u on instagram

    57. Legions

      Fresh sucks bc he aways making thick videos and they suck so fresh and lazarbeam the resin Lenny is gay fresh thick videos sucks so fresh and lazarbeam sucks

    58. Gamer Alpha


    59. Rebecca Somers

      Challenge idea mythic only on controller

    60. Reynaldo Rodriquez

      I challenge you to do a boss skin

    61. Joe Smith

      Guys use code fresh or you won't be thic

    62. Metlzin Ramirez

      Do do do do do

    63. Paula ortegaprotes

      "7:17" fortnite money > i9900k.store It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους

    64. Harry Byford

      I have midis tho add Biffed10

    65. xXxXBlAkExXxX06

      I'm being bullied by this clan on fortnite and it is making me sad

    66. Teagan Thurman

      hello fresh i just subed and i love your vids can i plz have a shoutout

    67. Christine Hughes

      Fortnite is 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘

    68. Miha Grgurevič

      whats up guys yes

    69. Learning adventures with Chayanne Gilead

      Thanks for sharing your video, nice

    70. Jonathan Morales

      What about ticko

    71. Eythor_XD B


    72. big d lasar

      I have the full fish book

    73. Nick Nagy


    74. Freedom 1iberty

      Fortnite used to be good

    75. Luxey

      Hey guys if u would help me with my dream to hit 1k

    76. Dave Videos

      Not gonna lie I’m kinda addicted to fresh’s content

    77. N Radoncic

      Fresh:what’s up guys no The world:💀

    78. Levi Grace

      Next video do the thiccest Flop flop in fortnite

    79. punny622 BS


    80. Joaquim Leal

      Question: what wrap are you using it looks cool



    82. Joni Shoemake


    83. PL4SM4 G4MING

      How is lazerbeam a higher level than fresh

    84. Worthy Channel

      Hey you use crash pad

    85. Jenuel Mercedes Ferreira

      Fresh do a face reveal

    86. graciela oviedo

      Can you please add me its AVER 444

    87. OEEPIC667 Gaming

      Ive never seen fresh mess up an edit 3:55

    88. FBI

      1:21 he missed the underwater llama lol

    89. kevin kelly

      Use the Midas fish

    90. Eliza Azeem

      Didnt get midas fish tho- midas fish is here

    91. Ender Gacha355

      All you need to win with a rusty can is a CAN do attitude

    92. RoryJay O

      6:18, someone’s random Siri talking? Lol

    93. Lucky Ducky


    94. Derp Gatsby

      At 3:23 u can see a car spawn in out of no where

    95. TTee

      Did he get a better mic

    96. Jude Lloyd

      We all knew this was coming tbh.

    97. kanin harris


    98. Ren The Tanuki

      Tiko disapproves

    99. Leelandthecampion55 Smlfan

      Challenge idea: every elimination do the score card emote 1:drop ammo 2: drop weapons 3: drop meds 4:drop mats 5:drop all