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    1. Fresh


      1. Jjmf Gaming


      2. M8plays118

        i'll help you bro i'm subbed

      3. Gene Dickow


      4. Tylan Bloom

        U literally missed a lama

      5. Kalyanaraman Kumaran

        I got the fresh dragon boi

    2. Ryan Campana

      He just didn’t get the llama at 4:59

    3. Frick me

      8:29 Where is it😂

    4. Tabassam Y

      Fresh is a bot

    5. Tabassam Y

      Pretty busy

    6. Tabassam Y

      Download stupid shit fresh fresh is fuck

    7. McLovin

      I hate to hear you love to see it

    8. Leon Cardinal


    9. Charles Senpai

      Pretty useful

    10. ItsZapplez

      thanks for helping me get some cheeky wins

    11. Astrocactus6 !

      Fresh: or you can get one of those ugly fish thingys Me: bruh it’s a blob fish

    12. The gaming Ninja

      I have the dragon it’s sooooooooo good

    13. Bear Bad

      I'm a god with the bow. But I'm also I God @ skyrim an my choice of weapons on skyrim primary is always a bow 😎 I've been 20kill games over an over. This season is mine 😎😎😎

    14. boybomber

      Max iq is 200 because there is not enough people in the world

      1. IceInferno


    15. May Day



      Do we have to be pro gamers to do this too

    17. Veronika Jacková

      i was 5 place ????????

    18. No name Noname

      He did it on you’re other account

    19. Aiden Judge

      I tried it and I got the load out but I died from storm

    20. No name Noname

      Spiderbro 612 sent u frend request plz accsept he is you’re biggest fan

    21. Tyler Jackson

      8:27 havnt faught anyone yet but there is 40 ppl left

    22. Epic Games

      he missed a fwickin lama

    23. APickledPlant

      8:30 Fresh: "Look at my loadout" Also Fresh: *Shows the ground*

    24. Hi Yiah

      At the house on the left to dog house in Retail Row, there is a chest that you always get purple or gold loot. The loot includes purple/gold pumps, SMGs, Scars, and Rocket launchers

      1. Hi Yiah

        Also if you mine the engines in the front of the cars, you get 1-2 on a normal one and 3-4 and the sports car

    25. heje Ok

      He makes everything look so easy

    26. Paduraru Hero

      *Me: Creates this strategy Me: Fwck , this strategy is shit. Lets search on youtube. *Me: Sarching on youtube Me: Oo.. its fresh , he is really good , lets see what strategy he has. *Me: Watching Me: Fwck thats the same strategy

    27. ExtraMods

      The tactic worked PERFECT, but suddently a thick sweat come and killed me with hes Fr**cking primal SHOTGUN

    28. Kaze Kritical Effect

      8:25 look at his loadout guys

    29. Max Henry

      More like how to win every game be fresh

    30. Fe4RLess ツ


    31. Alberto Sandoval

      I’m ok fresh I don’t need to know how to win every game

    32. Jack Elite Gamer

      it's annoying that at 4:59 he missed a llama

    33. No Bitxh

      I don't even play fornite, I just like watching fresh play

    34. Joseph Sankey

      I love how fresh says you are unbeatable with the laid out when really he is just really good at the game. The load out still helps though

    35. calvin dicola

      honestly just go compack cars then go to an upgrade person

    36. Caiden Meyers

      sweaty sands has a lot of mechanical parts.

    37. Platinum Bezic

      I thought I made this up lol. I was playing arena and hit cars and figured out you mechanical parts and can craft. Very op

    38. Evan Reid

      Weather station has purple scar for defeating npc. Basically guaranteed scar

    39. kob3n

      and you can get heaps of mechanical parts at scrapyard

    40. kob3n

      you can buy a purple pump at the toilet factory lol

    41. Ross Young

      Ok guys fresh is telling the truth about this tactic a got five wins in a row

    42. Kian Lee

      wait how did he have 4000 gold before he landed

    43. Devin Shires

      4:59 Llama

    44. Joao Pedro Valino Arjona

      I mat get my 1 solo win

    45. The Lawl is the *LAWL*

      In my opinion, always use the old weapons and the primal smg or revolver since primal rifle can’t hit shit from 70m away and primal shotgun gave me a 9 (I’m not joking it actually did)

    46. Samuel Henriksen


    47. ozzy mendoza

      Realy helped em out

    48. Cheng Ming Kin

      the purple pump does not one pump people anymore

    49. UwU Kawaii

      "one of those ugly fish thingys" I'm still laughing

    50. Ashihs Patel

      What does dragon have to do with fortnite Are dragons coming to the game :Fresh GUYS WE GOT CONTENT DRAGONS FROM DRAGON CITY

      1. Ashihs Patel

        Why is Freshes health 69

    51. Massimo Cantavenera

      U always miss the ammo boxes and u just missed a lama

    52. QSA_CD_ Made


    53. XxRyanW388 xX

      E E E We E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E

    54. Advaith Rao

      Sypher fresh be like

    55. Pixl Jack

      On an edit

    56. Pixl Jack

      He messed up

    57. Aime Beas

      Fresh miss a llama

      1. Aime Beas

        In 4:59 check on that

    58. XNugget Boyz

      Has anyone else already known about the purple pump before this video

    59. Will Andrews

      look at 8 mins 27 to 8 mins 31

    60. Wrangwrang the superior

      noice freshy boi

    61. Lucas van der Dussen

      In compact cars can you have 16 mechanical parts in 5 seconds

    62. Lucas van der Dussen

      he just wanted free wins, so he goes in custom instead of battle lab, where you can do this way more easily

    63. Cody Smith

      I solo squaded and one with this method

    64. wicko

      Also you can go to mini junk junction near dirty docks and get like 16 mechanical parts

    65. Sudev

      If you ever feel useless remember the reboot vans in solos

    66. Selena Lin

      Hey fresh I am such a big fan i subscribed like and used code fresh!

    67. Abel Tefera

      cool tips. I have a tip for u fresh. DONT INGNORE LLAMAS


      uuuuuuuuhhhh ?????? 8:28

    69. Ryder Trick Shots

      I’m still waiting for fresh to say: What’s up guys, no

      1. Max Henry

        He already said what’s down guys no

    70. Detective PANCAKES

      The explosive bow is also op The fire is only good against wood structures

    71. xyesl

      Day 162 if fresh saying “ whats up guys no”.

    72. Muhammed Uwais Mungalee

      There should be a fresh how to win book

    73. Family Travel Diaries

      Imagine someone dies with that loadout. Me be like:You wasted ur gold for that!! Lol

    74. Mxnty

      Camp Cod is insane for mechanical parts. I’ve won so many games just by landing there, getting around 30 mechanical parts, and upgrading my pump and scar if I need.

    75. Pigeon Meatball


    76. jayson and momo

      Plzzzz give me the dragon

    77. My dads room Max

      I think he may have did it on purpose (the pointing to the ground thingy ) it’s still so funny tho

    78. 123k1ngcloud

      I cant get the super fresh dragon😭

    79. Nilay Lakhani

      No hate for FRESH let’s go Asian gamers

    80. Vulture Turkey

      I would do this strat if I had the ping to play smh good strategy tho

    81. Lewis Lizzo


    82. Ace Aiden22

      Also if you shout the car will will give you more parts

    83. Ace Aiden22

      You should try the mechanical bow with grenade

    84. bhm1712

      Kinda doesn’t work for me lol. There’s no amount of different metas that’s gonna make me win every single game.

    85. D3kdave Fortnite

      I would drop holly hedges but there over 1m views on this vid so it will be contested

    86. Braydon Pearson

      Fresh: Free victory royale's Me: Only reason u got a victory is because u play 12 hours a day

      1. F In The Chat

        Bruh It’s his job

    87. Devyn Alvarez

      Fresh I used this strategy yesterday and I won and got 9 elims which is cooked so thanks for this vid bro

    88. venomnous fox

      Dirty docks good spot also

    89. xXlil_gamergirlX x

      You forgot one thing: You need to be actually good at the game

    90. Fortnite Botatron

      Did anyone notice the messed up edit.. When he talks about his loadout 8:30

    91. Pasaulis_1

      wai fresh wai

    92. Aditya Vetsa800

      fresh is just a god at fortnite that's why we CAN"T DO IT

      1. H1GH Velocity1401

        Can”t lol

      2. Jaden Middleditch


      3. BJ Flores

        Yep your right

    93. Pända

      He didn´t see the Llama at 4:58

    94. Muhammad Saifudin

      Fresh is the best Fortnite teacher

    95. Caleb Sartain

      Shooting cars gives you lots of machanical parts

    96. Blue Bling

      Thank you so much fresh Can you also give some building tips cuz i am a bot

    97. Elliot Keller Lauritzen

      Logjam woodworks (were gutbomb is) it is Op to land there if you want to build a skybase because of the many Matts and the hop rock dualies

    98. twhl2006

      6:42 Why did that chest say "Week 7"?

    99. Shark Jira

      Last season in bodyguard I got a mythic bandage bazooka

    100. Shark Jira

      Weapon idea: mythic bow with infinite arrows and is able to be craft able with shockwaves