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    1. miczsiliczy

      imagine if kratos had a gun in god of war ragnarok he would be soooooo overpowered

    2. Alpha Diallo

      Gods use melee

    3. Jett Galway

      When ever fresh says don't die Lannan he dies

    4. Aarush Garib

      Of the whole kratos set my favorite is the pickaxe

    5. Rytas Sv


    6. Magnez Suharli

      Lazar mic is too loud this vid

    7. G.S.I Labs

      Me: This skin wont give me powers. (sees Fresh's kills and buys skin)

    8. shahub5

      This is so garbage

    9. alia ferguson

      The sordid yard phylogenitically colour because gliding happily pat past a jobless giant. possessive, picayune parrot

    10. Rubinoaksacademy

      Sand is very crunchy how do I know this I ate sand In real life

    11. Oliver McLoughlin

      this is disrespctful to god of war fans . at least look up who kratos actually is .

    12. Hotel Explorer

      Cool deance

    13. Adventures of Brody Indiana

      Use code fresh

    14. A bag of hot Cheetos

      Kratos and boy to gather

    15. Zakjac Da gamer

      Everyone is going to being saying to me hey they stole that from fortnight same amount of body’s in my closet tho

    16. Grief

      The unbecoming yam extracellularly stamp because station gradually concentrate alongside a black celeste. noiseless, ablaze cause

    17. Kim Varela

      What's up guys no

      1. Kim Varela

        Sikeee what's up guys yes

    18. Yara Bazeih

      Day 19 Of Begging Fresh To Say, What's Up GUYS--no

    19. Julie Kein

      The thumbnail a lil creepy tho

    20. Ramon Zalamea

      4 of his favorite words “what’s up guys yes”

    21. Jacques Immelman

      Who loves it when Lazarbeam tries to laugh like Kratos

    22. Lazy Papyrus

      lazar shouldn't be god of fortnite, he should be god of memes

    23. BurritoSmash

      Who thinks epic should make Kratos's Blades of Chaos a mythic weapon?

    24. Youtube Bubbles

      Use the green cactus skin as the pickle skin then only use green weapons also only us the picklemobile for transportation and to get to kill somebody

    25. Isaac Nelson

      You and lazerbeam are rocking that super cool skin😎

    26. Vincent B

      2:41 LazarBeam: I'm putting on some Band-Aids. Me: LAZARBEAM YOUR A GOD, DO YOU REALLY NEED BAND-AIDS??????

    27. Santo Ortiz

      they smuched but there father and son. but if its not on the lips its fine.

    28. FN Fusion

      FRESH IS THE BEST HUgets EVER!!!!!!!!

    29. karen perzia

      The tact did 12 damage

    30. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    31. son son

      I was playing god of war 9 Mins ago

    32. Kristian Exconde

      i love fresh he is doing hard challenges everyday for us people

    33. Lukas Kirby

      Imagine having 6.9 subscribers lol

    34. sourenski

      lannan genuinely terrified: why are we in squads?

    35. Leo Gaming time

      Kratos God of war ELIMINATE THE LOBBY

    36. danno boii

      Rip og God of war

    37. BTD Snaps

      FRESH SAY WHATS UP GUYS NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. Master Mind

      Fresh you could have broken the slurp truck at 3:10 . You wasted a med kit.

    39. The Rei Dog KingCountry

      I did not know u were in LG

    40. Neverfxrget Chris

      We gon ignore them kissing

    41. Dalton Cannon


    42. Theodore Lauw

      But kratos is not a god. The gods made him

    43. xmohammad _07x

      well kratos is a demi god so he can die

    44. 濱口陽子

      Fresh should do a video to get a AI a win

    45. Priyan Subramanian

      I saw the stream.

    46. Andrew Craig

      Was that chicaguff

    47. Aggro Keem

      Fresh was lowkey carrying lazerbeam like if you agree

    48. Txrtle

      Why do Aussies always sound like they are narrating an American football game?

    49. Dakari Miller

      Fresh when you gonna make a new video on Harley Fresh?

    50. Quick Panther

      I feel like that skin actually have powers cause when I wear the skin I was lucky in the round to get a lot of kills and Vic royale :0

    51. Harison Miller

      my dad died today so i am watching you

    52. Diamend Gamer

      Annan why did u have to say I’ll fry ur *Bleep* ??????

      1. Diamend Gamer


    53. hunter victory yt

      It is not a God bat halfgod.

    54. Mirror GG

      i think kratos should high five a fellow god/ midas


      Fresh be like : Standing on a slurp truck and using a medkit xdddddd

    56. Revilo 6405

      I am surprised on how much laden know about Greek mythology

    57. ankit rajendra

      3:18 lazar: Menacingly laughing Fresh: Med kiting on top of a SLURP TRUCK

    58. clapseas


    59. Ryuichi Obata


    60. HitchHikers GTVG

      Do the poki emote with kratos

    61. Noah Rodriguez

      Fun fact apparently kratos is a Demi god and his father was Zeus and kratos killed his father and all the Greek gods

    62. Team2

      10:30 bad romance lol anyone

    63. Force Gaming

      They are the gods of WOAAAHAH

    64. ur_baby_8 ma d1ngo

      1:17 Bro I thought they were father and son

    65. The shockers

      3:20 ahhhhh

      1. The shockers

        i mean 3:10

    66. Ttv AHUR_mage

      Son and dad kissing

    67. Infinite Ace

      Fun Fact. 90% of people reading this read to the end.. so go check my channel out... please!

    68. Paj Cruz


    69. Joe Macuga

      It’s pronounced “cray-toes”

    70. Zerox1407 __

      j'ai perdu beaucoup d'abonnés vous voulez bien vous abonner à ma chaîne youtube

    71. Van Templin

      On fresh fresh

    72. Van Templin

      Play Minecraft or rocket league

    73. james shultz

      fresh= God at fortnite

    74. Sayveon Hill


    75. just someone

      Pretty pog

    76. R2killr ?

      2:40 he killed me wtf😆🤣🤣

    77. Blessed_yt

      super sus ALERT!!! *during this video*

    78. xjjeepin90

      Greek mythology is the best I’m so nerdy that I’m like fresh in fortnite with Greek mythology

    79. Павел Смирнов

      I’m 100% sure I’m not the only one who came up with this beautiful joke lmao *now you’re gods of wartnite*

    80. Fawad Khan

      They are sand God's lol

    81. Mitch Fritz

      The next cosmetic type that fortnite should add is rez's... the default one is so boring and it'd be cool to spice things up

    82. Aidan Barclay

      Fresh this isnt creative meanwhile fresh just cranking up

    83. Daniels Mikijanskis

      I wish you could throw and freeze stuff with it

    84. Generic Meerkat

      What’s the music in the final fight?

    85. Rain Tomong

      I love God Of War... And i like the new Kratos even I'm not playing fortnite

    86. Bartosz Ger

      So much sweatynes I'm gona play among us😂

    87. Ivan_ The _Feared


    88. Durandt Claassens

      Bro your not eating sand your smelling it lol lmao

    89. Sky Florentino

      My fav part is sand

    90. Yomalan


    91. ExtinctDarkie

      How sad you guys abuse the god of war as a toy for youtube ITS A GOD let him be

    92. Vloner !

      When you watch the whole live stream so you know what happens

    93. Deborah Barnes

      The macho agreement rarely welcome because news rationally breathe excluding a anxious cat. short, weak link

    94. Jesper LIAUW

      Fresh: WERE THE GODS OF FORTNITE Bugha: -_- What chu say to me huh?

    95. Abdullah Saleh

      Fresh your not as good as my friends say u r but like still ur decent and better than like any dog

    96. FAZE Beast907

      i really hope i win one of the consoles Cause I did 21 entries

    97. Julian Cachimai

      I just got a win when I watched this

    98. GamerGod _84

      3:15 bro why is fresh using a medkit when there is a slurp truck right under him

    99. Maze

      Very hard challenge u can only kill your bounties

    100. ANTHONYS272cool army

      Is fresh PG or something