GOODBYE Season 4...


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    1. Josef L

      6:28 “for some reason no simp is unbeatable”

    2. Josef L

      When someone tells fresh to spell goodbye 😬

    3. Josef L

      “What’s up guys yes” *Fresh 2020*

    4. Louie Papouis

      He missed a scar in floor is lava

    5. epic kitty kat

      I'm like 112k

    6. Camplayssometimes

      11:39 satisfiying

    7. Antonio Deus

      I loved season 4 now it's gone and I hate season 5 so much 😭😭😭😭

      1. Hayder Kubba

        Me too

    8. Chloe Playz games

      He didn’t grab a scar he grabbed a ar

    9. Not Steve

      I’m so happy the season is over, it was just a giant ad

    10. fusballgladiator

      I do not know how many people will agree but in season 4 the mythics and the bosses loocations were the best

      1. Not Steve

        Ah yes 2 new locations, and the same super powers from 6 seasons ago just remodeled = the best

    11. Rehan K

      I really miss season 4 dude.........

      1. Hayder Kubba

        This season is bad

      2. Rehan K

        @Not Steve u too

      3. Not Steve

        It was shit 😂

    12. Kyle Freeborn

      Fresh you should have done the thickest super hero squad in fortnite

    13. Maldonado Family

      I saw him pick up the pump and felt sad ( they got vaulted in season 5)

    14. Ely Saari-rosa

      he is so happy that he murdered 11 women. interesting!?

    15. claire aziz


    16. Yeeter 45

      The mats that he collected at 3:02 were in the lava so he already failed that challenge

    17. joshua Dietloff

      Whatsup guys, yes. I'm fresh and I'm gay.

    18. Kyaena Kabinto

      Hi I'm a big fan I subscribe 🙂😜😜😜

    19. Josef L

      Fresh “it’s a female skin” (5 seconds later) “come here boi” Fresh 2020

    20. Nicholas Hamilton

      i sub

    21. Nabil El zouweiti


    22. Roger Farley

      Who's rewatching because they miss this

      1. Not Steve

        Anyone who misses this season, either has bad taste, or is a marvel fan

    23. fei rune


    24. Jfhf Hdhehe

      I know I am. Late but goodbye season 4

    25. Josef L

      Um ps fresh u don’t need to use damn in every sentence

    26. Colin Holm


    27. Mike Aguilar

      My dude was no simp

    28. Xin Xiao

      你好 fresh

    29. JammybobsGaming

      He failed the no simp chalkenge immediately because the doom henchmen are people in masks (unless he meant theyre not players).

    30. Nisha Rana

      In the thumbnail it's looking like fresh escaped from avengers prison and avengers are after fresh lol😂

    31. Miguel Kline

      I miss season four so much season 5 sucks

      1. Not Steve

        It’s way better than season 4🤣, season 4 had TWO new locations, and the mythics were just remodeled old superpowers from like 6 seasons ago

    32. Zoila Zavala


    33. Slurp King

      I hate season 4

    34. YABOIJ

      Who won the giveaway

    35. JD - 04CT 891992 Beryl Ford PS

      season 4 is a scam the mystique mythic did not come

    36. Scary Bebe


    37. Scary Bebe


    38. Macklen Mccoy

      Chapter 2

    39. Macklen Mccoy


    40. Macklen Mccoy

      I miss season

    41. Josef L

      Barbie”I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie wooooorld” Fresh “Damn she thicc”

    42. matthew carroll


    43. NinjaRascall23

      I’ll always use code fresh

    44. v3rsity ahmad

      Yooo fresh pp is back

    45. Wyldman TrixFlx

      its funny how he said chapter 4 season 2

    46. AUS CLAN

      Day 101 of waiting for fresh to say: what’s up guys no.

    47. Sau Qo

      ఆ ఆi love u girl.

    48. Dylan Hernandez

      If you see this god bless you

    49. Claire Gordon

      Fresh: Lachy your so weird for using left shift Me: doesn’t fresh edit with left shift

    50. Fishing with Jace

      SO MANY ADDS!!!!

    51. Fishing with Jace

      I’m so mad he didn’t pick up the purple scar in the first game

    52. Jensen Shaji Abraham

      What's up guys YES!

    53. 1call Bank2.0

      Literally to the 1% who'd read this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful year

    54. Giovanni Goytizolo

      Wheel: *Lands on No Simp Challenge* Fresh: "I've failed this so many times"

    55. Aron Sherpa

      One like =one prayer for pickle man

    56. alex hebert

      “Roses are red” “Violets are blue” “As long as Fresh suffers” “He gets a view”

    57. Oren Erlichman

      Is it just me or did last time he did the floor is lava challenge if the loot hit the floor it was burned?

    58. Maha Hashem

      I drive the battle bus

    59. Maha Hashem

      Hi fresh the event was crazy

    60. simp_ elite


    61. Alan Garabit


    62. Team Bower

      Fresh can you do face cam

    63. Lunke Broce

      Fresh: henchman aren’t real humans Henchmen across the island: “The day I lost my identity...”

    64. Gabz’s Tube

      L L

    65. Sam P

      if fresh loves his fans he will pin this.

      1. Sam P


    66. PG_Chels


    67. Joshua Woods

      This will be bigger than FB in a few years

    68. Eli Central

      All good things must come to an end, Except bob ross because he will always be remembered. Btw Euro made a good comment so go subscribe and like his comment

    69. Benjy Weenink

      2:27 just not gonna pick up the scar

      1. DADDY ZHO

        Scope ar

    70. Ana Garcia

      I miss pp

    71. officall_ tfue

      isn't galactic the real hero he is being back the of map

    72. connie zhang

      Fresh: fights a woman Also Fresh: Chill Man

    73. Required Shoe

      also @Fresh I think it would be cool if you did some deathruns on your channel like how you did with Muselk

    74. Required Shoe

      I whish I had more emails so I could sub to fresh over and over lol

    75. Alondra Hernandez

      I use code fresh

    76. Nikstar112

      Ok Pickleman are you ok is fresh holding you captive. Is fresh paying you or are you a slave?

    77. Xavier ÚwÙ

      Imagine spelling goodbye wrong

    78. Hudson Leadlay

      Code FRESH

    79. JJ_The*Goose*

      I missed the EVENT!!! :(

    80. Ibrahim Thotti

      2:01 oop- voice crack

    81. P P

      1:55 "I havent failed the challenge YET"

    82. Josef L

      Fresh “ OMG I just saved my self!” TreE” Am I A joKe tO yoU”

    83. Ghastify

      All good things turn to memories

    84. Samul LeMree

      Imagine being able to play Fortnite *This post was made by the “To be continued in season 5” gang*

    85. TheFirstSnoopy

      Why does he say damn so much

    86. Gab Codorniz

      pickle picked his nose

    87. CyFi

      I think ur voice changed

    88. CyFi

      What do u mean nooooooooo simp

    89. walffle jr


    90. Bricks Gamer

      Do you keep Pickleman in your basement?

    91. Jonas Raghani


    92. Téo Guevin

      The no simp was fake, he turned up the volume so it was a video, watch closely at the end on the top left

    93. Big Hill

      Fresh should’ve used a car for floor is lava

    94. Rai Joli Dawn Maharaj

      it is now 10 hours

    95. Khushwant Toor

      here in Canada the live event was at 4:00 pm

    96. Charles Swift

      Remember when it was called goobye season 4

    97. Jeremiah Miller

      All good things must come to an end

    98. David Munozcano

      Who is watching this beco you can’t play fortnite for 7 hours

    99. Jerome mc gurk

      The skar fresh the skar

    100. Matt Platas

      Fresh is the best youtuber