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    1. Kids Perfect

      It sounded like he was logging on to a website or something. “I am not a robot”

    2. WrangWrang is me

      Oof cool mate

    3. John Vincent de Chavez Bagsit

      Whats wrong with the thumbnail

    4. Scott McCloud

      Ai don't use gun wraps

    5. Help me reach 10k With 0 videos

      I wish all who sees this best of luck

    6. travisscott The 2nd

      Trying to get famous off comments so I can live the dream

    7. Massaakku

      Fr tho that Harley Quinn gave up at the end

    8. mel jas

      Use code fresh

    9. VismzX

      Why head big

    10. Epic Gamr

      Fresh your being bot lazer again your 😊

    11. Minecraft broboi

      Bruh robots don't build

    12. Jowelle Poh

      fresh is a good actor

    13. Samuel Foltin

      Let’s see how many subscribers I can get from this comment. Hopefully a lot!

    14. Finesse ‘Fránz’ P.

      *We need a black icon skin.* If I wasn’t complete garbage, I swear I would go for it.

    15. Finesse ‘Fránz’ P.

      I don’t know what meme that is at 0:47 but man is it making me happy. 😂😭 *Imagine lannan doing that.* 😭😭

    16. Holden Gribben

      i thought fresh had like 1 mil

    17. Black Tooth Grin

      The annoyed table unfortunately interfere because italy exclusively decay amid a tedious antelope. imminent, cluttered study

    18. Axton i

      Fresh: Hey guys I’m going to be Lazerbeam LazerBeam: trying to tell fresh to not post the video

    19. Edditz gaming


    20. trooper4

      Is it me or I miss the O.G intro

    21. Jube jubey

      robots only build walls btw

    22. sharmarniegeorge

      What’s with lazerbeams eyes at the thumbnail or title

    23. Kuzey Kamışoğlu


    24. Callan Haugen

      Does he even know there's a ready up button when you get eliminated?

    25. noahsnoah_fan

      Lol fresh I such a sweat he can't even act like a real bot😂

    26. Lightning games

      sounded wrong when he said they just play around with bots

    27. Noah Messer

      fresh is the one of the only people who can recycle a video idea with a different skin and only have a few people notice

    28. error herobrine 404

      try getting a skybase win i did it it will be fun

    29. Zobob_ Playz

      Like father like son

    30. Brooklyn Osgood

      Are you sure about that

    31. Muhhamad Faisal

      i was littreally the last guy

    32. simon gardiner

      Why do you always say what’s up guys

    33. OT7 OCORK

      Your a bot as being a bot noffens

    34. berryey _

      well for me, i don’t even need to act like a bot

    35. Yaman Maskari

      Hey fresh, can you pretend to be a bot in lazar beam’s game it will be so funny

    36. AgDriven12

      Bots don't build very often lol. Fun fact for you Fresh

    37. xdttvbob will clip you

      My guy in raf dog

    38. A-dog Gaming

      good morning fresh

    39. Crazy Bananas

      Bots build 1 wall and then forget about you and run away

    40. stacey fisher

      Roses are red fortnite is dying its not geting eney better

    41. Dijana Spasova- Veljanoska

      Ok just plz dont put that kind of eyes on the thumbnails beacause my eyes are like that a little messed up beacause i try to be the greatest fortnite player and it makes me sad when i see it😪

    42. STK_Strict

      Your building to much to be a ai

    43. Phone Kyal Sin Min

      Bro fresh that was me the crystal girl I got the primal Ar purple and purple pump

    44. What No!

      Anybody else hear a phone in the background? A text message?!

    45. 09itsunbreakable

      It's going to be impossible to get wins now thx a lot. people are going to do this.

    46. Supergoku Aye


    47. Supergoku Aye


    48. Srimmm

      4:33 I'm experiencing the biggest deja vu in history

    49. Arminas Talkevicius

      You don’t have to pretend to be a boy bc you already are

      1. Arminas Talkevicius

        Btw I’m no hater

    50. Jack Cartmell

      ngl all of freshs videos are kinda like an essay he puts out a point then proves it through fortnite

    51. Edward Rodriguez

      Fresh should have his girlfriend set his binds and try to get the dub

    52. James Munoz

      Umm.... Bots only place 1 mat. HAHAHA

    53. Juan Fernando Rodríguez Diaz

      grupo gamers colombia

    54. Vebjørn Alsaker

      if you are a bot don't build

    55. Leon Lalor

      robots only can build walls

    56. Colin Clement

      "DUDE WHO'S THROWING GERNADES?!" -Fresh 2021

      1. Colin Clement


    57. Garrett Martin

      umm i subed

    58. Vasilis Klitsas

      If you try to do the strat in European servers you will gets demolished by sweats before you will be able to build yes I know how to play last season I had 5k points arena on switch

    59. Matthew O.B

      So Your the new lazar beam hater

    60. Lucas Rodrigues

      Fresh a robot only builds 1 or 2 walls

    61. Lyndsay Parfitt


    62. Lyndsay Parfitt

      Fresh you are the best youtuber in the would tyed with lannen i love both of you

    63. drxppy_ 123

      Have you heard of MrTop5. Fresh?

    64. XBL Vizrn

      that glider sounds like my ps4

    65. Ali Jabbar

      Anyone notice how there are no bots spamming the comments?

    66. Turtle Wolf

      What's Down Girls No

    67. Harrison Robinson

      Fresh killed me. I was the Crystal

    68. Chunky Dentist

      You ruined the game by doing your stupid strat

    69. LoneWolf

      Fresh: im pretty sure if you set a random letter for Sprint you can fast walk like a bot Epic Games: OH NO he's found out how we make our bots!!!

    70. Zeeshan Azam

      Is it just me or their should be a primal and makeshift RPG

    71. ACE PLAYZ

      How to be lazarbeam Step 1 be a bot


      its too hard for my laggy pc

    73. Chris Barry

      Muselk did this strat back in Chapter 1 season 3

    74. Nikstar112

      Me: tries to get top comment Verified HUgetsrs: imma end this mans career

    75. Nikstar112

      Can I get famous off this comment

    76. Nikstar112

      Can everyone plz say nice things in the comments of my vids

    77. Mahmood TAHA

      My guy just said "Whos throwing gimnades" instead of grenades

    78. Otto Volt

      this strategy killed me more than 50 times

    79. Gxdz5xn

      Your best strategy is W Key... compare the kills 👀

    80. Xiomxra

      Hold up guys Fresh should get on lazarbeams acc n sweat on these kids off of streamer mode meanwhile fresh is on lazars acc

    81. Sunny Bove

      The mute floor tentatively matter because menu proximally heat like a freezing roll. spicy, abject doubt

    82. king kaiz

      he said he was not going to play hahaha

    83. Aaron Kris

      Fresh if you wanna be a bot you have to build once because bots only build once

    84. Myles Morales

      Fresh bots don't build boxes only walls guy smh

    85. Its Huger

      Tbh freshs channel is dying and has boring ass content

      1. Civix FC

        still better than yours 🥺

    86. Colton Nolan

      Hey fresh somebody else is trying to beat in Fortnite so I was wondering cause I can friend her costume we could play a game together because I’m a big fan of you

    87. Aidan Mazur-baker

      He’s not a bot

    88. Fletcher Brown

      Go laser beam

    89. It’s Ya Boy DJ

      I don’t care for you no god Damon bots 🤖

    90. Officially Laniya

      You should do a video where you turn off the anonymous mode. So we see who killed you or who you killed

    91. gacha honey flow

      Aint you quitting fresh

    92. ian quinn

      robots dont build and walk at the same time lol they just build singular walls

    93. Mini Tiko

      Hey fresh tell lazar i said hi and i would really like to play fortnite soon!!!!

    94. Icy_fox

      Fresh becoming lazar lazar becoming fresh

    95. Kian

      I pretend to be my daddy would be a better vid name

    96. LuckM

      You did him dirty in the thumbnail 😂

    97. Wolfy

      You are making fun of him you are saying in the title of the video pretending to be Lazarbeam but in the video you are pretending to be a bot And he wasn’t thinking you are a bot because bots don’t build

    98. Getmoney Yaya

      Imagine the last guy dropping all his guns trynna pix axe him 😂

    99. Talen Brown

      Love how it is the name of the video called being lazarbeam fresh “I am going to be a bot

    100. mc random yt

      i kind of dont have to pretend to be a bot im even bigger bot than lazar beam