when GOLD BANANA does solo squads...


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    1. NightmareWasTaken

      how does he have a heavy sniper

    2. Lethabo Ntsoko


    3. Mich Zadorozhny

      I love snipers

    4. Jaden's Games

      Juice wrld polo g

    5. Garek Foley

      Fresh your head is so big because of your massive IQ amount

    6. Portal

      We need fresh vs. Benjyfishy and Bugha together...

    7. Rudir Bhatia

      Every time he says holy hell i think about how unholy hell really is

    8. Aayushan Nadanasiva

      How do you get into solo squads

    9. Riley Doing anything

      Fresh I love you can you please play squads with me and Georgie

    10. Kids Metzel

      I saw a lamma in the water near agencey

    11. Di Wang

      Gosh it’s SO massive! 😂 yOu knOW WhAT I meAn

    12. Gabriel Harrell

      literally you are the only one sweating

    13. Kobe Lackey

      There is barley a difference between good pellet and gold peely

      1. Kobe Lackey

        Of peely

    14. Luka Garden

      I seear he missed a llama in the water when he went to agency from frenzy farm


      He sweated so hard fortnite crashed...

    16. Merrick Walsh

      “Why do you all have to be so decent” Also fresh “leave me alone why are you so damn sweaty” Then cranks to max height

    17. AwesomeWolfRBLX


    18. Spooter Booter

      Pickle pickle lol

    19. Jason Kropp

      hi fresh

    20. Kids Metzel

      MY sister=I can't see anyone Me=I see a lamma

    21. Rebecca Delves

      Well done on 7 mil subs 🔥🔥🔥

    22. Aariyah Ricks

      Congrats and 7m

    23. scott calvert

      When fortnite was good

    24. Mase Dawg

      Hi fresh can u pls start doing handcam

    25. Odette Senga

      The good times now there are cars in fortnite mandolorian batlle pass master cheif is there now even walking dead the game

    26. K-the-Gamer-

      I play 15 hours a day

    27. Oliver Scovell

      Fresh when he wins a fortnite battle royal game:-_- Easy Dub bois Lazarbeam when he wins a fortnite battle royal game:YESSSS GG BOIS GG!

    28. Howard House

      U best fresh

    29. King of O

      Code fresh code fresh

    30. Isaac Querry

      Next season is marvel

    31. Urska Nemec

      use code fresh

    32. Jazmine Bates

      Every time he fights someone Fresh: he's cracked oh no he's dead

    33. alanis 11


    34. Nuggetz

      I was about to cringe so hard when he started destroying a truck But then I remembered This was before I could cruise around in a thicc lambo

    35. Khalid K

      Bro I am 3 more seasons

    36. Krishan Vakil

      2:27, LOL just add a "the somewhere in the sentance..........."

    37. Shockz

      Fresh can u please comment on one of my vids just a comment pls

    38. Immortal Gaming

      Fresh your a god

    39. ny_jt ray

      anyone else simps for the banana skin

    40. drakx star

      Fresh do a ninja vs fresh fortnite 1v1

    41. bro row

      I swear whenever he builds it’s just crazy fast blurs

    42. Bruno


    43. switched me name

      I made a random type (this one) 2 seasons later

    44. Deadpool Edberg

      You think your sweaty then try sweating on controller its not fun

    45. Enzo Villafuerte

      Where is that thicc sud

    46. Veve Poulous

      Add me:K A N K K A

    47. Jose Aguas

      Fresh: You like bananas? My daughter: YES! * Eats a banana * Peely: * Stares at my daughter * YOU LITTLE- My daughter: * Eats a fish * Fishsticks: * Stares at my daughter * YOU FRICKING LITTLE- My daughter: * Looking at Fishsticks and Peely * Uh oh-

    48. Odilón García

      Fresh:d** banana I mean bunny I'm like bruh it's not that hard to tell a difference I mean he is a gold banana

    49. patrickjbromley

      still waiting for: whats up guys... no.

    50. Daniel Speak

      Me name Jeff Edit: why did I comment this

      1. Dark

        @Daniel Speak um, ok..?

      2. Daniel Speak

        @Dark I know I did it as a joke

      3. Dark

        you didnt even edit it

    51. Emoctics

      My Friend Has The GB=(Golden Bannana)=Carbon+Metal+=Golden Nartrate And Cons Dark Matter And I Trash Him

    52. jelly

      Who's watching this in 2021


      me sees him break a car without even exploding 0-0

    54. Michelle Stonemark

      i am the boss at fotenite

    55. Merrill Naira

      golden baa

      1. Merrill Naira


    56. Boxply

      Solo squads is harder: continues to clap bots who're standing still

    57. james owens

      7:50 Fresh: I’m just a gold banana

    58. The Whirl Channel

      Me in season 14 seeing fresh pick axe a car be like 😤

    59. I love Fortnite

      I love what's up guys ... yes

    60. Julian Vasquez

      Nice job

    61. Cade Myers

      This was when Fortnite re-peaked

    62. Cade Myers

      Watching this in ch2S4 is so weird. THERE ARE CARS NOW. Not to mention tacs aren’t in the game anymore

    63. kai

      when a helly goes drunk

    64. Bryan Wan


    65. The Puma!!!

      This is how many headshots fresh got l l v

    66. lil tsm Ace

      He’s joined the banana army lol

    67. Kim Gilbert


    68. FallenX1 PlexFallen

      Oof I’m in awe

    69. Kaleb Miranda

      Rip tacs

    70. Jacie Borrebach

      I love the thought of a 42k carrot gold fruit aiming a m16 at humans and still winning

    71. Sheri Campbell

      Fresh: It’s so massive Everybody else: That’s what she said

    72. Phuc Nguyen

      Enemy squad builds a ramp Fresh: these look like some sweaty gamers

    73. Anaya Nousherwan

      You are the best HUgetsr

    74. Moses Hpawlu

      u pro

    75. Drity 30 Blakely

      You're just aim biting everybody

    76. [PandaGirlSerenity] [Løl] Øøp

      "Come here big boi!" "Vic roy!" Those words are the words of the year.

    77. Trickster Express

      Fresh is the best Fortnite player in the world

    78. Milcayna Salgado

      Who Else is watching this 5 months later...

    79. Hyper7WOLF

      My man only using an smg in 1st match Season 4: you have no decent smg

    80. Dylan Walton

      try doing full gold banana solo squads in season 4! I have tried it on switch and ITS HARD.

    81. ッVioxity

      3:47 she on crack

    82. Owen Boyle


    83. Jack Lyon

      Fresh is the best Fortnite player in the world

    84. Mr Mango

      I have it but if I use my gold banana the entire lobby comes after me

    85. Bryce Foster

      Fresh: you guys need to chill Also Fresh: *solo squading*

    86. Philomena Jones

      i allwas watch your videos

    87. That one Cactus

      Fresh be careful may think your hacking

    88. Charlie Be

      I liked your video

    89. Yeetarate Gaming

      Banana needs to eat spme gamers -FRRSH 2020

    90. Tiger Saucy

      That was tiko with his fishes

    91. leo rosa


    92. Shukri Mohamed


    93. Elliot’s POKEMON and AMONG US

      This is how many people like fresh 👇🏻

    94. CerealBot

      Am i late?

    95. Super Lucky

      I still can’t believe Fresh doesn’t have glasses 🤓

    96. Fortnite Pro

      Let's do one of those again

    97. Ok Ko

      I’m a sweat and I sweat when I see a rare skin

    98. Ethan Mills

      this is when the tactical shotgun did damage

    99. MR. TTG

      Why fresh is the best youtuber and fortnite player he is a back to back 2 time pro m champion and he makes the best content

    100. Apachii

      2:58 Das noh wah she sed.