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    1. MayonnaiseGaming

      6:19 oh god that’s some fast building

    2. Ayvi Handsome


    3. malcolm msindo

      Fresh I watch every video

    4. DanielAsbeel24

      Fortnitemares it was game mode so

    5. Lucia Karchnakova

      this was posted on my brothers 4th birthday

    6. Jack Elliss


    7. Phht Me

      After rewatching this during season 5 and him saying that he accidentally killed someone else let’s me know how good fresh really is

    8. TheOOFmanYT

      Thr jetpack is still the same except it looks different :/

    9. Alex Cherenkov

      I got it with out strogeling

    10. cocofury

      Hi this is dead

    11. Champ Gaming

      Can i have 1 vbuck

    12. LEGO Lord

      4:22 ...lobby

    13. Matias DURAZO BRITO

      did u notest that the 2 times he dies he spectates the same skin

    14. Crease Away

      Oh my god I have been staring at a spinning wheel this entire time and haven’t seen the video

    15. Elle Tacoo

      Fresh: I just want to see a jet pack Me: just let me live plsss Random people: meh just kill me

    16. Felix Fournier

      Ask fortnite for your own skin

    17. Jana Jiblawi

      can u gift me im still a default in fortnite i subscibed to u and liked to u my username is jana_4364 and i even used CODE FRESH in the item shop

    18. Itachikage

      Imagine we’reing iron man and have the jet pack and the iron man gounlets with a golden pump

    19. Helena Perfetto

      Fresh is right it took my nintendo to 1AM

    20. Avin Mehta

      Fresh please Add me . A-V78

    21. Connor 13

      That moment when you get headshot sniped while driving a choppa. Can't relate.

    22. Abisola O

      Fresh my g

    23. Beaugeard Brothers

      Fresh u should do a montage

    24. gaming with mr.burger

      Holy shit

    25. a ten year old

      Nobody: Actually nobody: Not a single soul: Not a single soul in space: Fresh: I accidently killed somebody

    26. AmmaS

      play a 2014 song with this --> 4:24

    27. Dylan’s Gaming / Xfuziongamer

      I got a win with the jetpack and 11 kills a new highscore

    28. TH30 _56

      It’s weird he got killed by the same Christmas skin🤔

    29. Jocelyn Becks

      Can you please add my on fortnlte

    30. Berryrarity2

      Wait helicopters were gone edit: I played 2 games of Fortnite games

    31. Game player

      I am here from the jet pack fail from faiz

    32. SilverBullet 135

      When Fresh was a baby, his first words were “What’s up guys, yes..”


        SilverBullet 135 Ha....ha...haha So funny 😒

    33. gekplaz 9909

      Somethink is new

    34. Derrak Raja

      The jetpack are also around in normal chests in stark industries cause dat how I got mine

    35. Lenni Valtanen

      Can you do a stark loot/items only challenge

    36. Malcolm. Bradley

      I'm the best in Xbox

    37. Malcolm. Bradley

      Jet pack

    38. Malcolm. Bradley

      The new net pack is cool

    39. Lakshmi Vallarapu

      He got. Sniped so hard

    40. Gaming Fantasies

      FRESH: doesn't worry about Mythics. everybody: fresh you stupid

    41. Arber Ahmedi

      Me to

    42. Gaming Clips

      Dude love your vids also I feel bad for you because Lazarbeam ditched you for amungus


      Tell lazer my user name


      me user name is wonkier cobra5

    45. Banno Gamer

      He missed the iron man mythics in the first game

    46. Felix Hoffman

      2:40 there was a green pump but next thing you know he is using a grey pump

    47. OneShot

      these wise words one said "there ya go, gamer down" hits different every time

    48. Bojan Ciric

      My fornite name is bciric

    49. im a ghost


    50. Iker Robledo

      I play in ps4

    51. Iker Robledo



      Wait choppas left

    53. Zenith740

      My favorite mythic Thor’s hammer is back woooo

    54. Ryan Lawler

      Only people who came from faiz fortnite can like this

    55. paul The beast

      Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why

    56. Connie Smith

      pls send ,e a skin

      1. Connie Smith

        me a skin

    57. Gavs Gasper

      Y can't I ever catch is twitch wen he's live

    58. Omar Perez

      got dam fresh is a sweaty tryhard

    59. Aracely Higuera

      I love you videos 😎

    60. Shock TV

      He only posts amoung us

    61. Shock TV

      What happen to lazarbeam

    62. Bren Keils

      you should do hide and seek in starc indrisry

    63. Felicia Mastromatteo

      Could you make only Iron Man weapons first like the jet pack the car and his energy rifle only game

    64. Emilio Castillo

      The last Henchmen we’re at craggy cLiFs

    65. J.m. Sanchez

      You no you can fill it up bye doing going on a zip line

    66. Austin Kids

      Why do you say hell

    67. TakesWalls Gg

      You’re the best you tuber

    68. Maria Chica


    69. Hamza the Savage

      Worst jet pack ever

    70. Jeffrey Rogers

      Imagine fresh got banned at 7:15 for teaming😂

    71. Umar Faruq

      Who's yo daddy?

    72. vera hawash

      I haven't played for a week and I'm like what the hell I've missed all this content

    73. TKN _AHMED

      Hi fresh can you add me please my user name is IQ-YEET

    74. 100k Breezy

      bro i always get annoyed by the people that ask for subs but im so desperate im so close to 100

    75. suren s

      Nobody: Fresh: Making Everyone's Quarntine Better

    76. Phoebe-Mai Wood

      Yes wolf 003 no people coming back to annoy the hecking hell out off us🤣

    77. Gloriela Cervantes

      Dude your the best HUgetsr in word I love you’re vids😄

    78. Ferre & Nyano

      Good vid Fresh

    79. Elmer Garcia Kujala

      ur so good

    80. JackGotSweatOn

      I stopped watching you cause I stopped playing fortnite cause it got boring but this video is good dang

    81. judgejodierulesable


    82. VEXX_COSM1C

      I’m trying to grow a gaming channel and prove to my parents that I could be a HUgetsr. Can whoever sees this pls just subscribe. I swear it would mean the world.

    83. Maria Reyes


    84. Domonick Saucedo

      3:56 what the hell was that noise

    85. Aaron Plays

      When I turn on discrepcaton stock stock me ITS STARK

    86. Cousin Pete

      What's up guys, yes!!

    87. Himima Aiden

      no one: Absolutely no one: Fresh: GaMeR dOwN

    88. Brooks Wexler

      We should make a petition to make fresh president

    89. Ricardo M Melendez

      I hate the gost but finally they are gone

    90. A D R E N A L I N E J U N K I E

      Why are you still playing Fortnite that’s nasty

    91. A D R E N A L I N E J U N K I E

      Why are you still playing Fortnite that’s nasty

    92. viper

      9:19 I swear most Renegade Raiders that I see in HUgetsrs videos are Oceania servers

    93. ADR 202

      1:38 there's something on the top right

    94. Adel and JJ 1

      Fresh is too sweaty

    95. Iwannhs

      Shiiiiii you goood

    96. Faith Davis

      fresh you need to see if you hit someone with a car if it takes off damage!! i thought it was apart of the new update

    97. Joshua Rodrigo


    98. Said Ampukajev

      Fresh is NOT in a good mood

    99. Ryan McOsker

      Who misses the intro???

    100. Sen Sei

      wow you are so good and you enjoy jet pack alot