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      imagine getting your skybase shotdown...and think how unmemey that guy is and seeing the name lazarlazar.... you'd be confused to a comma

    2. Ibrahim Walid

      LOL thats Lazerbeam

    3. N V

      LOL that’s lazerbeam

    4. unicornrainbowsparkle cute

      That’s new girlfriend is lazarbeam

    5. Skate Bros

      Totally not lazar

    6. Brody Santora

      I wish you got sniped last second and came in 2 place so yugio wouldn’t of got the win

    7. VenomSnipez

      bruh the thumnail the girl looks like zerotwo

    8. Damien Rodriguez

      Can you add me on fortnite fresh

    9. Taner Koc

      i had my sweet revenge on fresh first i will stop lexas date on fresh by building a ufo with a lazer cannon to burn the house down and then i reunite lexa XD

    10. Ad Vlok


    11. dat roo

      stop being a baka!

    12. Carter Maynard

      Dang fresh is a player he has 3 gf

    13. Bladegamer

      lol i like how the "girlfriend" is lazarbeam, it just makes it more funny, well for me

    14. Tominson Tom

      Hi fresh

    15. Kahu Retimana

      Lannan I swear to god enjoys this shit so much wtf

    16. Donna Thomson

      I actually watched yugioh as a kid

    17. henry Space

      OMG lazar what has your life turned into.

    18. Ryan Harper


    19. Beykite23

      This is the most randome and long comment Nick Easley Tyrel Dodson Stefon Diggs Jordan Devey Dion Dawkins Gabriel Davis Vernon Butler John Brown Ike Brown Corey Bojorquez Ike Boettger Mike Bell Cole Beasley Ryan Bates Tyler Bass Matt Barkley Josh Allen Mario Addison Duke Williams Antonio Williams Davis Webb Christian Wade Justin Zimmer Jonathan Woodard Brian Winters Daryl Williams Tre'Davious White Levi Wallace Garrett Taylor Lee Smith Andre Smith Devin Singletary Andre Roberts Jordan Poyer Harrison Phillips Ed Oliver Ty Nsekhe Josh Norman Siran Neal Trent Murphy Mitch Morse Matt Milano Dean Marlowe Isaiah McKenzie Tyler Matakevich Tyler Kroft Dawson Knox A.J. Klein Taiwan Jones Taron Johnson Jaquan Johnson Darryl Johnson Quinton Jefferson Jaquan Johnson Darryl Johnson Quinton Jefferson Micah Hyde Jerry Hughes Reggie Gilliam Jake Fromm Reid Ferguson Jon Feliciano A.J. Epenesa Tremaine Edmunds Let's see if u guys can make a longer one than me

    20. Omar Hossam


    21. Shehroz Shumais

      lexa is so cutest skin in fortnite history

    22. Edwin Flores Hercules

      he needs more memes with her girl

    23. Leila Beardwell

      U know the Tony stark and blaze it was me and my sis

      1. Leila Beardwell


    24. Hala Ahmadieh

      LOL lazerbeam sounds funny

    25. DJ Aguinaga

      Is anyone els a ultimate weeb that has etched over 16 anime’s like this video and this comment

    26. Toxic Avocado

      It’s so funny that it’s lazarbeam

    27. Zahavi Hernandez

      this is so funny

    28. Killer gamerpro3

      All u know she's not ur girlfriend its a guy inside it That means *YOUR GAY* Jk Not Being Rude Sorry If Your Offended

    29. zahra rezahi


    30. Matthew Best

      Yugio: I hate memes! Yep Lazar is possessed alright

    31. Tony Brakis

      Lazarbeam: he’s my boyfriend! Fresh: haha Me: bruh

    32. Brandon Patricio Santiago

      fresh yunne video

    33. Ethan

      I’m done🤣 “have u bought ur body pillow yet”

    34. Sultan Alkaabi

      N o i c e Y o u r F a t h e r i s y o u r n e w g i r l f r i e n d 🤦🏻‍♂️

    35. Oliver Ewbank

      I have the power of god and anime on my side .

    36. Adrian Abad

      Bro Lazar should've called Fresh Senpai 😂😂

    37. Γιαννης Καλφοπουλος

      lannan the best wifu material of all time


      Wtf did i just see, he's basically cheating on lazar (lexa) for the npc, far out man, that voice lazar has, just waiting for that voice crack

    39. Turd Man


    40. crtstal star

      Tessa is now lexa comfirmed

    41. Let’s trickshot

      You know yugio (idk how to spell the name) has hints of lazarbeam in her. Very odd

    42. Steven


    43. Fong Donovan

      lazer just knocked down a skybase lol

    44. Ethan the Dirt biker

      Yes he did

    45. Mohamed shuaib Ahmed

      Who else can see mizuhara chizuru on the thumbnail

    46. Henley Brookshaw

      And btw y is your dad flirting on u

    47. Henley Brookshaw

      So u get a anime gf but don’t watch anime:(


      It’s just laser beam

    49. Michael ortega

      I lost my sh** when lanan said ( DIE B**CH

    50. Father

      2:50 FBII OPEN UP!!

    51. Jared Villa

      Instead of victory royal it is simp-for-me royal.

    52. AfkMaster1004

      2:57 me when I see a common charge shotgun lol

    53. Seth Bartrop

      I haven’t started the bud yet but I think the surprise is you and ilsa are getting married

    54. Lynne Willis

      Totally not lazarbeam

    55. hus saiyan

      Definatly not LazarBeam

    56. Wente Cole

      Both Fresh and Lazar beam have hit rock bottom with this video

    57. Cat gaming

      Tessa forever

    58. Zaire Kellman

      I was going to say fuck you

    59. TIOmeliodas

      Why is lazarbeam yugi muto

    60. x GeT ur bSt x

      Hi im anime i will be your wifo♡


      Fresh sucks

    62. gracie chicot

      "WATCH OUT"

    63. Ali the pro 123

      Is lazar beam faking to be a girl

    64. DIvinephoenix

      We all know this was Lazer Beam at the beginning

    65. Iamherefriends

      Did anyone notice the title is actually mai

    66. Emma Greaves

      My name is lexi omg

    67. Jade Campbell

      4:18 it look like he shot someone for 100 damage with a tac assault rifle

    68. Eli Licerio

      Fresh is a dead man

    69. Noob Master69

      thats one hell of a woman

    70. Andrew J

      A teal mens name is YOGIO

    71. Kelly Cowan

      This is just a normal game with lazer beam you carry him and he role plays

    72. Drake Shellhammer


    73. Atharva Iyer Krishan

      The I hate memes part was so terrifying that i was knocked out unconscious

    74. Hunter Collins

      Fresh should be layers dad he is better

    75. Lenaaa Quirarte

      Lannan sounds like the gingerbread guy and pinocchio from shrek 🤣

    76. uncle iroh

      I've never seen a waifu called LazarLazar before

    77. Ollie Hopkins

      The main person in yu-gi-o is Anne is yugi

    78. faithfulniner fan

      Lazarbeam sounded like the gingerbread man in Shrek. " not the buttons"🤣🤣

    79. Jaequon West

      I will be your waifu

    80. XD_Hero 709

      Why dose it say 1 week ago but in the description it says that it's published on the 30 of December 2020

    81. Immortal Ninja

      yugio is SAVAGE XD

    82. Immortal Ninja

      “What’s your favorite app”..... Like: HUgets Reply: Tiktok

    83. Chazar 2907

      God fresh and lazar are BOTH CHEATING

    84. AX Dream

      sounds like an adult swim actor

    85. Chara Nratahi

      Funnyest vid ever

    86. Chara Nratahi

      Hahahahahaha you love memes

    87. grif.

      oh shit

    88. Tyrano Gamez

      Fresh: Metions he doesn’t watch Anime His Waifu: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    89. Tyrano Gamez

      Fresh gets a Fortnite girlfriend Lazar: Hi I’m Anime I will be ur girlfriend Ilsa: Oh ok this is sus Tessa to Fresh: What the F did u bring up to this cursed land

    90. Wendy Russell

      Your girlfriend is lazar beam like why

    91. Nico Salvio


    92. Kaden Durazno

      I hate anima

    93. SeaPoopMan

      the intro tho 😂

    94. Kachan AnimEdits

      Is it just me or does the thumbnail show asuna? Oh wait wrong thing Wait but its not wrong asuna is an anime girl.., WAIT SHE CHEATED ON KIRITO! Im too much of an anime boy omg🤣😔

    95. Shalene Sing

      Props to Lannan he played his role well

    96. Eva Badham

      his girl friend is his is dad..

    97. LegendOfGaming

      I clicked on this vid saying to myself "Wait... what happened to Tessa???"

    98. Abdulmumin Mumuni

      You should have called her UwU 👉🏾👈🏾 or hinata

    99. DaMontageKing _

      Tessa watching this👁👄👁

    100. Graham Gainey

      this is literally evry match i get in with a "girl", then i get voice trolled out of my mind XD

      1. XBL M4kap1e