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    1. Ben Kafka

      MmmM a r s o n

    2. Abhinav Rajeev

      5:30 Fresh: did u see tHAt?? Me: yes fresh thats what we came for 🙄

    3. Landon Gladue


    4. Clown gang

      Honestly this is a good video awesome 👏🔥

    5. MohdUmarPlays

      Do you realize that he always whines in his videos when he dies

    6. mr robot


    7. Dermis 21

      Is it me but the edit effects are different

    8. jazz van eijk

      1:17 not the first chest

    9. Harshit

      Only Legends know that this was firstly named "FIRE FIRE FIRE"


      Did you you know the original name for this video was called, FIRE FIRE FIRE!


      The title is change bc the comments

    12. Dt rtutrjrtu Dtutdt7dd755

      It was fire fire fire 🔥fire 🔥

    13. Dt rtutrjrtu Dtutdt7dd755

      When you realise title was edited mate

    14. cole 2607

      Fresh: "Fire is cooked!" No pun intended

    15. Jordan Almeida

      The original title used to be FIRE FIRE FIRE

    16. T Tran

      I love your videos

    17. agoraroragogo

      Flare guns are so fun.

    18. Dark Editzz

      3:25 🤣😂

    19. Adil Ahmed

      This comment will get pinned

    20. Yo Sued

      thats some FIRE tranisions

    21. Cladzim

      My parents say I get a gaming PC at 1k pls help me 🥺🥺🥺🥺😩

    22. Anthony Zapata

      Fresh is a god with bows if no one can tile

    23. Elyse Ruth

      yo i make vids and u gaeva me the best idea so thanks fresh

    24. Emir Zeqiri

      I said ooooo free fire or fire fire

    25. The ThunderFish

      hi fresh i submited a vid idea i think you will like hope you will ;)

    26. Tactical Nerfers Yoshi

      Pyro only challenge

    27. Rebecca Wilson

      Do you want to play

    28. Origami Made Easy

      Fresh watermelons

    29. Where is lazarbeam

    30. Sarim Rashid


    31. Sarim Rashid



      "O my god I am hitting my bows dude Fresh 2021"

    33. Michael Watson

      Fresh I sent you a Frend repwest on epex today can you please ecsept it please

    34. Brock

      Fresh: misses 1 daily upload Everyone: we miss you😭

    35. Aslam Baiatur

      Who here is an og fresh watcher

      1. Aslam Baiatur

        His old youtube name was mrfreshasian

    36. Nikko Lopez

      Big YEETS man !!! Good video !

    37. XXFNFGameing

      I love it how he says in every video what’s up guys YES

    38. Natalie Harper

      Hey fresh. Do you know when your skin will next come into the item shop?

    39. Moon

      Fresh:The fire is damn cooked Me: WELL NO DUH ITS DAMN FIRE

    40. big boi


    41. Alfyris


    42. big boi

      i like your content but twitch is gay

    43. B a l l UPDATES

      They really gona make fire, water, earth and wind? What a cringe company

    44. Juan Lopez

      Fresh trash

    45. sandra martinez

      I realized every video you make you always start it by saying what sup guy yes

    46. Nato

      Do a challenge where you have to get one kill every minute for the whole game!

    47. Devil Plays

      Some people like to watch the world burn like Fresh

    48. Dalson Eversole

      When I saw the title I was thinking of Ghost rider

    49. Leo Ruiz


    50. Leo

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say “Fire” and use the “Fire” edit this much in one video. 😂😂🤣🤣

    51. Leland Deal

      this vid is FIRE 🔥 lol

    52. Brandon Ward


    53. Mercury King


    54. Zexy

      2:37 five damn Elims WOW 👏 YOUR SO GOOD

    55. ALKEN

      This video is fire just like the title.

    56. cassandracassiecass

      You should get a skin in Fortnite

    57. JJ Empires

      CODE LAZAR!!!!!!

    58. Deidre Smith

      Are we gonna talk about how he blatantly stole Lachlan's transition

    59. getovrher yt

      My name is googoogunmanstyl

    60. getovrher yt

      Fresh is it ok if I can be your friend on fortnite in a huge fan

    61. Danielle London

      I am the first person in history t double flare

      1. Zoui


    62. NeverNothingAlways

      We need a OG week, where they bring back every vaulted item And I mean *every* vaulted item

    63. Super Zac 1

      You do realise his next vid will be his 800 vid in just 2 years that just shows us how much he puts in for us and his content

    64. kpro de la KPROLAND

      "What's up guys yes" I'm French and I love yours videos 💚

    65. Ailyn Rodriguez Merle

      Hey fresh like your own yt but I like too tell u my name in fornite is ailyn is cool and 1v1 me And I do not have a mic so am sorry but if I leave I was mad but look in the chat

    66. JV Plays

      Dude at the start he clearly did not get the fire bow from the chest its leat staged

    67. Jayden Bahar

      My dad is a fireman

    68. Runar a

      3:25 nice voicecrack

    69. Kevin Kelley

      Fresh sounds different or am I dumb?😅😅

    70. Sally Finn

      wht is this week

    71. Opps my finger Slipped

      The Hugh’s of season 6

    72. Belen Perkins


    73. Josh Decal


    74. Yusuf Kenan

      The rewind challenge every 3 min reset your whole inventory and can only use grey then after the 3 mins green then another 3 mins blue until gold then rainbow loadout

      1. Yusuf Kenan

        Video idea

    75. Cooper Burt

      Whos ready for explosive week

      1. Yusuf Kenan

        Is it going to be explosive week

    76. Ayza Eshaal Asad

      Fresh I’m Diana and I really like your videos and can you send me invite but I don’t have a mike please send me the invite and video big fan of you

    77. Ayza Eshaal Asad

      First can you send me invite a very big fan and add me on

    78. FlyingPenguinCo

      I understand that they say you have aimbo but if u did we could see the people so i still dont belive u use aimbot

    79. Tyler P

      Fresh: fire is cooked: we have realized that fresh is big brain.

    80. FireX❶

      its my week already?

    81. Crew Petey

      Noooo he lost his upload streakkk where u atttt I need ur vidsss

    82. Bear trap

      Fresh I also made a clan in Fortnite called fire clan which is kind of ironic

    83. Julia White

      Why did he cut the chest out 🤔

    84. Jl G

      Can you gift me the battle pass I don't have skin in am default 😔😔

      1. Jl G

        I am your subscriper 😊😊

    85. Astral_

      The amount of voice cracks in 1 vid is crazy XD!!!!

    86. S1_Aiden_8

      No cap freshs combo in this video is amazing

    87. Neil Patni

      what is the next weeks element or whatever gonna be

    88. Laurence Ryan

      cant he use dragon breath shotgun

    89. Joshua Luckcuck

      why are you not uploading on twitch

    90. Dash Sutton

      Fresh: Fire is cooked! Me: No, fire is used TO cook

    91. Gruncle Stan

      I can't even get a victory royale with normal weapons😁

    92. Rosemary Viera

      His name is a girl name Harley

    93. Missy Lawrence

      He should use gas can only

    94. Brooklyn W

      Fresh is fire at the game if you no what I meen

    95. KarolLOL


    96. X_ Rudy

      Bultaoreune army;)

    97. JH - 06LW 783409 Robert J Lee PS

      thubnail me: yeah i think fresh whent crazy

    98. Siddharthツ Prabhu