we WON with a CHICKEN


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    1. Payten Jensen

      Love the thumbnails btw

    2. Ken Ichi

      Yo tf, fortnite copying Zelda?

    3. Jayden Moore


    4. Stephen Scarre

      Chicken 1st egg 2nd

    5. Sarah Punnett

      Can you make a video where you win with a wolf?

    6. Epic Gaming Doge

      The subscribe button is to thick for my to press (still I subscribed)


      lazarbeam makes exellent chicken sounds

    8. Louis Sourges

      Fresh how u so good

    9. Mini pixel

      Two birds two birds made a kid and it ended up being a chicken okay so two birds were the first thing it was a egg

    10. YT.HappyCat

      New title: we lost, but the chicken is alive!

    11. River Barber

      Code Lazar in the item shop

    12. Ben Bradshaw

      Remove wolf because they hard find

    13. Samuël Leeuwen, van

      my name is samuel

    14. Gwoon_Damian nl

      Grandpa lazar and daddy fresh

    15. Drake Graham

      Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s Lazarbeam and Fresh flying with a chicken

    16. AZLE Norsworthy

      am i the only one that thinks lazarbeam is way funnier in fresh's vids?

    17. Khanh-Linh Kirkham

      My name is samuel

    18. Michael 52

      I got the reeses egg ad while watching this which is funny because there is a chicken in the ad

    19. Prez Z

      i love uuuuuuuuu

    20. Elljay_PLAYZ

      I watched lazerbeems stream when u did this😂😂😂

    21. Dark Horse

      My brother said foritnite sucks

    22. mr. clutch

      Yes sir

    23. mr. clutch


    24. Logan Naylor

      Sky bass but fresh build up wile laning has chicken and he will survive

    25. Dylan Pouteau

      Challenge protect chicken his pickaxe fried chicken kfc

    26. CloverHoodYT

      Lazar is actually right about the t-rex part. The modern day descendent of a t-rex is a chicken, crazy right?

    27. Jo R

      My name is Samuel

    28. Pigeon Meatball


    29. XanderOnCP

      To who all that reads this God has a plan for you. Stay positive and strong. Not for likes just trying to spread the word of God to you...🙏❤

    30. Bat_Luigi 6969

      I thought your kids were the pink bear

    31. γιωργοσ τσαχπινησ

      i remember fresh and muselk protecting a bot

    32. Jackz __YT

      When you realise that your favourite animal is also your favourite food: 🥲

    33. Sarah Knecht

      Lazer beam was telling the truth about samyell being a T-REX because dinosaurs evolved into birds.

    34. Mylee Jimenez

      Me and my cuzion tried this and we failed lol TwT

    35. TobiasM

      It’s not chicken, *its chiggin*

    36. CaptainRex_97

      I can’t believe they didn’t carry me to a win P.S my name is Samuel

    37. Carter Hill

      I honestly think they made the storm darker because u literally can’t see crap

    38. Chris

      Why did fortnite take out skill based matchmaking cause I'm not that good at the game and I get in a lobby with kids playing like there in the world cup.

    39. Mike Hunt

      You lost with a chicken

    40. Collin TTV

      Hey dude did you know what a corn go to make chickens go towards you

    41. Foxy pro gam3r

      I know came first the chiken or the egg its the t rex because they evolved from dinosuras

    42. Luis Muniz

      I did that and I didn't know fresh did it to

    43. Ethan Hawks

      Come on we all new this was coming

    44. Krista White

      Yes , do this for chicken army.

    45. Sharifo Abdi Mayow

      Hahahahaha Lanan is very funny especially the chicken rap

    46. Samuel pina

      Who my name got in too fresh video my name is samuel

    47. Adrian Cuevas

      Fresh can you do a face

    48. RoarLikeaLeo

      I glitch the chicken so I could shoot with the chicken and have the ability. It was soo funny

    49. M5_CORE _SUB

      I love these memes

    50. Joyful Dan

      This guy deserves a skin

    51. X trail

      Alternative title "we inslaved a chickin

    52. Janie jones

      Fresh: I'm exposed Me flashbacks to season 5

    53. Memorex

      Fresh still doesn't have a skin and I'm mad lol cus I'll buy it when it comes out

    54. RJ Thompson

      Rip samyail

    55. Maureen Tedesco

      Fresh is the best, no one can beat him, but no one can stop him. He carries Lazar, he wins with skill, he has no enemy but beats em all.

    56. Eric Weaver Jr

      Chickens are more related to rapters

    57. Banana Taco

      If you guys Are buying the battle pass you code fresh or Lazar

    58. TriadYT

      Adopting a chicken? More like kidnapping

    59. George Goodwin

      Fresh is the best HUgetsr by far

    60. Samuel Cucic

      lol my name is Samuel too

    61. MetalKnight

      fortnite shuld add dinoos

    62. Alicia Muir

      I like chicken buggies

    63. Sean Maldonado

      R.I.P. Samyel

    64. Faris Resić

      Hi is the momy

    65. Alexander Morales

      Your next challenge should be winning with a wolf but it cannot attack other people

    66. sniper noob713

      If they made toys of fresh and lazarbeam I think the thumbnail will be the way they look

    67. riley meynell

      I love it chicken

    68. monke

      Glitch: Pick up a chicken then tell ur teammate to shoot it the chicken becomes invis and u still hear it and can use it then drop it and the chicken is back

    69. Kids Acount

      Tell LAZARBEAM to do little nightmares

    70. Djole Lipovcic

      You guys are coping x2twins for the intro

    71. I am henry


    72. Caolan Mulrooney

      Ma friend told me wbout this Utuber!

    73. GamingWith Riley

      I did this on my stream and won with a chicken lol

    74. SALskem

      The chickens names: Samyall Nut Ok that was all

    75. Cosplay TV

      Why this is like "Among Us Shenanigans" all of the sudden?

    76. Iormina Glynnis


    77. Iormina Glynnis

      Hulkpool vs venompool please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😢😢😢😢😢😢

    78. Thay Thay

      Help this video is chaos

    79. Abhiraj Kohli


    80. Chasidy Warner

      My name is Samuel

    81. Iormina Glynnis

      i have so many questions

    82. Iormina Glynnis

      Miles morales And Spiderman ps4 Vs Carnage and venom

    83. Thay Thay



      Я первый


      Looking forward to playing

    86. Aiden Mulford

      the egg came first because a chicken egg has a chicken in it so the egg came first

    87. Thay Thay

      This is really FUNNY!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA RL STudio! Your among us animes are the best!!

    88. Mr samuel

      Let's go am a chicken samuel

    89. TheWorst050

      Imagine wearing chicken skin then eating the drumsticks

    90. Courtney's Life


    91. WenWei Que

      I thought this video was just lazar and fresh flying around till final zone.

    92. Brian Collins

      That is my name Samuel I am watching on my moms phone

    93. Andrew McCammon

      Fresh: OMG, why is everyone an epic gamer?!? Me: It’s because mobile can’t play.

    94. Ty Osborne


    95. Martha Jamieson


    96. Martha Jamieson


    97. Martha Jamieson


    98. Martha Jamieson


    99. Martha Jamieson


    100. Martha Jamieson