goodbye fortnite...


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    1. YouTube

      🤔 Hmm... can’t be... unless? APRIL FOOL’S!

      1. Tommy Drzich


      2. NinjaGami55

        Why is it so hard to grown on ur platform?

      3. Physer


      4. Nathaniel Stares

        HUgets how could you demonetiz me wqaaqaaaaaqaq

      5. Nathaniel Stares

        @G r e e n T e a ツ I am your father

    2. Asher N

      He said that he would be swich mode at first and then go need mode, I’m a good swich player tho 😂😂

    3. Liam Pym

      If you do go on a holaday i wish you in joy it

    4. Anime Is amazing

      You knew it was an April fools when he did the never gonna give you up emote

    5. Paige Webb

      Do u guys use bots to get all the skins?? I do

    6. Ryftyyy

      Where true men cried

    7. ZukasLoL

      did youtube just comment.

    8. huge fan of ant

      hey you can play minecraft APRIL FOOLS ..

    9. Ricky Raja

      He got me good

    10. Edsgamer04


    11. Ethan Kay

      he tricked me

    12. Carol Palmer

      That was good I literally almost cried

    13. Dumb ass Dumb ass

      You worried me that you were leaveing

    14. Ba11er_29

      When u don’t watch it on April fools 😂

    15. Aaron Burman

      I watched this twice and the 2nd tome I still believed it

    16. pro gamez

      for ppl who dont watch the whole video omgi feel so sad 😪😪

    17. Lane Atkinson

      Thank goodness!!!

    18. Esme cruz

      Yee yee

    19. Et Snakey

      He got me

    20. wenagade raider

      Dude fresh you got me so well I thought you actually quit fortnite

    21. WNR Optix

      4:30 russain??

    22. Cool Gecko

      No disrespect fresh I still love your vids but like why haven’t you quit fortnight for a different game?

    23. Brede Seljeli-Johansen

      He actually got me

    24. Matthew V2

      frigidy froogidy

    25. Nico Pro

      You only got me cuz I didn’t watch this on April 1st🤣

    26. Fishy gang

      He got me with the joke

    27. Accidental SB

      Let's see how much subs I can get from this comment (current: 13)

    28. Skylight 1034

      Lol it said one week ago posted and I knew it was April fools

    29. gaming boy

      You got to me

    30. Mad Neilsen

      Don't quit fresh

    31. Omega Super Messa


    32. Quentin Silva

      He got me so bad gosh dang it

    33. Shaeshae 10 Shae Smith

      You so got me there fresh ❤️😂

    34. Ryan Haddad

      but you really should see the outside world

    35. Jeffredsplayz

      U got me@

    36. Adar Tan

      I am crying why :(

    37. Andrew Cockroft

      You got me

    38. Itz .Hassan_xx

      Yh you got me 🤣😊

    39. Miki


    40. Agent Strage

      Im not bald

    41. fortnite clan

      You got me because it's not April fools for me now You me and Tessa are going on holiday. Me pls no no no God please no

    42. Paxton Portman

      I wish this was true tbh

    43. William T. Heard, lll

      When you watch this Days after April Fools

    44. Aron Pryor

      F### every streamer who did this prank

    45. Adog Ddog

      I was happy for him but He is still addicted😢

    46. Esme cruz

      R.I.P to the people to forgot it was April FOOlS

    47. Dallas B

      Only if

    48. Mystix Au

      Bruh I was happy U were quitting but then u said April fools

    49. Tahj2807

      Yes let’s go Rush


      Soo gay bruh

    51. Tek note

      Actually quit please

    52. CraigTheDerp

      Every fortnite kid killed themselfs

    53. Gabriel Givens

      Wow I'm unfollowing

    54. MarlikHD

      This game been died 😐

    55. Jaidyn Dang

      U got me

    56. Screen Zombie Gaming

      Is it just me or dose anyone know what april fools is anymore?

    57. KGkomrin

      Yes finally. Idk why but this dude keeps coming on the front page of twitch. If he switches content up I might start watching his streams. I didn't watch the full video so I don't know his plans

    58. hsgross


    59. Rob Danyis

      No more fortnite! No 19 dollar card!

    60. yahshua quinonez

      Hahahahaha you cant wscape youtube hahahahaha

    61. Vic en Stan

      It's 11 april now

    62. MiiPlanet

      I wish it wasnt april fools day

    63. Aryan Patel


    64. The chill_oof

      Fortnite sucks anyway

    65. Astro Masto


    66. dcoog anml

      Fresh? Doing something productive with his life and not playing fortnite? Ah hah, don’t make me laugh 😆 No hate btw :)

    67. Mason Broxmeyer

      Dude he said it’s time for a prank he gave it away lol

      1. dcoog anml

        I’m a fan

    68. Phil H.


    69. Little A

      It was my b day on April fools

    70. Umai Official ML

      He is right about fortnite. It wasn’t as good as it was. The good old days in season 3 chapter 1. Where you would laugh with your friends or withe The boys. But now, fortnite has some heavy updates. Most left because of the lag fps drops. And all the other things. Fortnite....

    71. Lgamer

      me: doesnt know this youtuber and only sees this great title: "hmm finally someone that thinks fortnite is trash too, lets watch it!" also me seeing its made on the first of april

    72. bot.


    73. Kieron C36

      Didn’t see when it was posted I’m a bit late

    74. Henry Smith

      I wish this wasn’t an April fools joke

    75. Noe Lopez

      I knew you did a April fool’s

    76. Fallguys only

      NO WAY HUgets

    77. justin bishop

      Fortnite is shit as soon as it hit chapter 2 it has sucked

    78. A K

      Apiril fools

    79. Rafepicplayz

      April fools lol

    80. Noah Team Godzilla Hammond

      Who fell for it I did

    81. Kelly Davies


    82. Kelly Davies

      You made me CRY😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    83. olly playz

      I’m a fan

    84. olly playz

      Hey freshy boi

    85. jamil

      when you said that you quit i was like 0:

    86. jamil

      wow as soon as you said april fools i was shocked

    87. Andrea Tagliere

      hey fresh i know your probably aren't going to see this comment but can we plz play sometime my user is Tagfam5 it would be a dream come true is we could play together

    88. Mohamed Shaafici Ali

      No cap he Got me

    89. Chris Khoury

      I subscribed also have a good holiday

    90. j psing

      u can do god graphics u have a god pc

    91. Joshua Owen

      You got me😂😂😂😂

    92. cale naicker

      Savage boi

    93. HolyCrusade 12

      I just got click baited oof

    94. Pain

      He had me until I came here

    95. that guy

      i was hoping that he was quiting so he plays diffrent games

    96. joel miller

      Holy shit I hate fortnite

    97. Lightning


    98. Ibrahim Fouda


    99. Angela Jarvis

      Fortnite suckss if i get 200000 likes i will do the russian dance

    100. Nzpack