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    1. Reader Boys Adventure

      I believe in freedom and CHUNK E CHEESE

    2. Youtube Smoutube

      Fresh should harpoon ally

    3. byron prokop

      no PP

    4. Gaming Wizard

      When ur so good u acidently kill people

    5. Troy Hemken

      There is kind of a hulk skin. (She Hulk) 1:29

    6. chloe nadolski


    7. Simon Sun

      "There better be a hulk in the next season."

    8. Moise Kirongozi

      Fresh: sweaty nerds Lannan:bruh

    9. Iftikhar Bangash

      Fresh use the blue tactical shotgun

    10. Tantan clave

      You did not kill with the blue one you swapped it when you killed one


      What the what the dang heack non badwords

    12. Tyler Szewc

      Love the content keep up the good work

    13. Usha S

      You used the blue tactical shotgun

    14. Delia Sanchez

      I saw and you did use th blue tac

    15. Nathan b


    16. EXO EDITS

      Idiot u took a blue shoty

    17. Jesus carreno zotov

      Chuk E. cheese needs respect fresh

    18. Andrei Jameson Tiu 林貞元

      i love you fresh

    19. Victor Fortnite

      I hate you

    20. Victor Fortnite

      I hat you

    21. Luckycjc


    22. Aragon Maag

      pleasant get changes to Dooms Domain fresh: :(

    23. ShadeReflex

      Best pickaxe ever

    24. Luxey

      Hey guys if u would help me with my dream to hit 1k

    25. Dave Videos

      Not gonna lie I’m kinda addicted to fresh’s content

    26. Ghost Lettuce

      His inventory at 3:37😢 last season... WHEN THRY HAD GOOD WEAPONS


      There is a hulk but not boy hulk

    28. LOCKIE

      Hulk fist smash you could call it fisting

    29. Ethan Calix 12

      Yup umm yuo yup..

    30. mohammed | ISWKi

      bruhh i want to play duos and creative with you

    31. David Anderson

      rip tacky wacky

    32. Daniel Maioli

      he accedently picked it up he did not even notice.

    33. Ahmed Playz

      6:28 I see a blue tac... Edit:fresh saw it too...

    34. SMOgamer 1100

      I love how fresh makes the challenges harder for himself fresh is like the only youtuber who never clickbaits

    35. GojiraFan05

      I just got the notification for this video like 2 minutes ago

    36. 1K Before 2021?

      Fun Fact Most Fun Facts Aren’t Fun

    37. Guff Gaming

      Imagine being so good that u acedentily kill someone

    38. Família Noob


    39. FinleyGamer101

      I know what your face looks like but put your cam on

    40. Gille Maizter


    41. Luca Loaiza

      Watching this in next season wit the she hulk instead of hulk😂😂😂

    42. StanAW


    43. lps gacha Might

      Dude I wANNA change my name to noon master 69 now

      1. lps gacha Might


    44. Frizzy YT

      Who else didn’t realise his minimap wasn’t there

    45. Emmanuel Loding

      I love your videos

    46. William Sturgess

      You used a big pot and splashes

    47. Przemek Myslicki

      Me suit uuuuuu

    48. Mason Masterson

      Lazerbeam I believe in freedom and Chuck E. Cheese

    49. Omar Abuwaer

      Who know noobmaster69 is fresh in endgame

    50. turbo livin

      How does he have that

    51. Calvin Bouavong

      Fresh fish

    52. Lixψ

      Fresh voice crack

    53. King Chonks

      He should be able to use purple bc of hulks shorts

    54. Please help me reach 50k subs

      Can you guys help me get 500k

    55. NoahBTryhard

      I love all your videos!!

    56. Christopher Davis

      Nice vid

    57. minecraft jarren

      I am captain america

    58. BOXED YT

      No one: Not even anyone: Fresh why are they so low on HP

    59. Hannes Lee

      You shot with the blue tac

    60. yeety hamburger

      u could have picked up the grappler

    61. blueskullyboi

      Thor he’s back the kid on the tv just called me a d**k again xd

    62. Rexo Playzz

      Read My Name And about

    63. Jacob Santiso

      You show me to use the blue circle

    64. Cool Gamer1248

      6:28 was when he switched his green tac for a blue

      1. Lola The doge


    65. Robert (Bobby) Gower


    66. Yogurt

      Next season : thiccest iron man in fortnite (and yes we are getting an Ironman skin)

    67. DeSpicyLlama Gaming

      fresh its ok! you forgot and dont kill ursekf over a blue tac

    68. Jonas

      *That subscribe is looking kinda thick tho*

    69. getting 1000 subs with 6 videos

      To everyone that is reading this: You’re every intelligent and can accomplish anything! Stay healthy during the quarantine 🧐 My dream is to hit 500 with out a video

    70. Mazen Hesham

      U missed ur tack ahots

    71. Fresh

      No:one Fresh: complains about bots

      1. Vincent Huber


    72. Fresh

      Whats up guys yes

    73. Cristo Savage


    74. Priya Laman

      Fresh: says yes 2 times in the intro Me: ISNT THAT ILLEGAL

    75. Zaedan Jared Vros Ranot

      If lannan is your father that means your mother is ilsa

    76. Jan Ortiz

      It's funny when you can tell he's out of content

    77. Neon_Kitten YT

      "Hulk likes blue juice" Wait, what about GREEN juice?

    78. Lefteris Monastiriotis

      Code Fresh code Fresh

    79. Christopher Sargo

      Fresh needs to change his intro

    80. Simran Raina

      Do the thiccest fresh in fortnite where you use the skin your wearing in this vid rules are simple:only allowed to land at pleasant park do pumpernickel after every kill and green guns only and you also have to say pickle pickle or gg Gamer after every kill like so he sees and if you agree

    81. xmessedkid

      4:27 hmm what other type of FISTING 18+ gamers only

    82. Rosemary Kariha

      Fresh:Uploading his video Epic: Oh s*** here we go again

    83. Ãdį Çãś Wįłł

      You didn’t kill him with the blue shotgun so it didn’t count. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    84. Travis Reep

      I subbed

    85. Lego brick Pro

      Fortnite has finally decided to become minecraft: punching trees

    86. Dizzle956

      Nobody: Literally nobody: Fresh: LETS FIST SOME MORE GAMERS!!

    87. Karlee Travis

      I can't wait to Hulk smash em

    88. LaZy Panda728


    89. tocobellbroz with a z

      Fresh:gets 2 kills already has 7kills

    90. Benjamin Hughes

      U never used blue tac u switched

    91. Noah Cohen

      “Now let’s fist some gamers” lol

    92. Hannah514508


    93. Zachatron

      Did we all have those foam hulk fist toys as kids? Now they can freakin kill someone. Feel old yet?

    94. Ang31 Garc1qq

      Anybody else bothered that he didn’t pick up the golden AR

    95. JamalTheKing

      Good Games

    96. Maria Thurman


    97. Gang Gang

      How 2mill in 2 days

    98. Yukio Star

      I love you MaRRy mE jUlIa💏👰💑👪

    99. George Michaelides


    100. Fishy Oli

      I’m watching an add