I beat the BEST Among Us player...


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    1. NTR Neo

      Use should do more Among us mods

    2. Saksham Gupta

      anamoly is the next looter

    3. Eli Bender

      Fresh complaining about getting imposter twice meanwhile lazarbeam on a 48 crewmate streek

    4. Louis Galman

      Corpse is the best at among us

    5. Riddhi Ranjan Bhattacharjee

      The best player in among us hard cleared an impostor, when the task bar didn't move at all

    6. Riddhi Ranjan Bhattacharjee

      So , the best among us players couldn't vote out a single impostor in the first game😂😂😂😂

    7. Ethan Li

      can you do more among us

    8. Galaxy Sweat

      Actually vent you AI

    9. Freya_ma X7

      Fresh:why do I keep on getting the imposter bro Me: what I love being the imposter and I always get a crewmate

    10. Freya_ma X7

      I need to get on his game it looks soooo good

    11. Tj Cunningham

      You are so good

    12. Max Bethell

      I think sommer 100% Don' know though Bruh

    13. Azmaan Mehta

      great vid

    14. Thunder Max

      Bro I gotta get this game

    15. Fahomida Akttar

      Zmde is the best crewmate

    16. Lucas Clarke

      I'm now subscribed

    17. Latchman Mangra

      The tedious carnation neurobiologically bat because north america visually last opposite a jolly piano. purring, fascinated airship

    18. shinygold 2000

      Day 486 of waiting for fresh to say what's up guys... No

    19. atifbash

      GET FRESH 2 7M

    20. atifbash

      LOS:I think it’s sommer 100% Me:that doesn’t make sense my dude

    21. Revilo SHEESH

      I love how they say xQc is so good but he just randomly throws susses out and rages when he loses

    22. Lyndsey Smith

      Shut up

    23. xD MrJackBoi

      i would say radius is the best

    24. Maxwell Wamble

      Kids learn this..only snitch in among us

    25. Dathreespuds 123

      Day 50 of getting fresh to say GG gamers

    26. Juancarlos Cervantes

      The thing that Fresh barley plays among us he’s still better than me

    27. Garv Shetty

      i love ur vids fresh, keep going with the hard work

    28. Rafael Figueroa

      what that nosi

    29. Tayen McDaniel

      you make the best thumbnails

    30. crafitie :3

      I saw you lol

    31. BULSye PLAys

      Like whoever wants freshes old intro

    32. 187 Redfire

      Omg it the gut from fortnite

    33. Emersyn Jacqueline

      2018: "where we dropping boys" 2019: "where we dropping boys" 2020: "where"

    34. 그안란

      "Disguised Toast is considered as the best among us player" XQC crying in a corner

    35. Alpha Rius

      The what’s up guys, yes is dah best

    36. Priscilla Johnson

      What is the code

    37. Dylan Robertson

      Wait ur not

    38. DT MONEY

      you are good

    39. DT MONEY


    40. KiNgLeO_2 That’s me

      Lol I played among us with this dude

    41. Erik Zulbaatar

      Where’s corpse

    42. Raúl COYW

      Bruh idk how you call yourself a noob. U clearly have LAZAR's brain. Like father like son

    43. Abdullah 2460

      Cool :)

    44. Soham Kakar

      Bruh xqc is so overhyped he just randomly accuses people

    45. RYDER

      Corpse is the best

    46. FreakOut

      The fact some people are good at lying makes me nervous if among us were a real thing

    47. Parker Howell


    48. MC zarbot


    49. Playz4 Fun

      Yo fresh killed xqc

    50. Carson B

      Wait why did I see muselks name I thought he said the best players

    51. Memphis Emerson

      ask joogie why he hasn't been uploding

    52. Groot

      xQc looks like death note sheriff forgot the name edit: it was L

    53. Aston O’Grady

      Xqz is not good he just says like 4 people are imposter with no evidence and he is just wrong a lot of time

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    55. Jeremy Hill

      hi Fresh I'm a big fan and I have been one for so long can we play among us please.

    56. kamealbtw

      Playing with all the overwatch players lmao

    57. Jessica Lee

      Why do they have to make every game competitive dont ruin this like they did fortnite 😭😭😭

    58. Creeper Creeper

      Fresh and lazar are the funniest youtuber

    59. snipes sucks

      You were playing with Allen Owen's

    60. Lindsay

      Tori is so annoying when she said “no you’re not” that’s annoyed me so much

    61. Abdul Raffay

      XQX the best?!?! bruh he is the definition of salt. Toast is the god of among us. GOD/

    62. Abdelghani Legzouli

      Hi feest i am royalilyes from raming us

    63. samin sakib09

      how did i get your notification? I did not Subscribe you.

    64. nalamcwed Dowd

      Can you please friend me I will do anything for you can friend me on fortnite

    65. 28KB 28

      When fresh has 6.69 million subs

    66. Dir

      Me thinking he’s is talking about toast

    67. Vortex Blades

      Hardly call them the best players in the world

    68. DezenIsLost

      Omg Los, 2HYPE is better now

    69. JH T

      I saw u in among us fresh u said have u guys each my video I hope u were doing a video at that time bye!

    70. Destroyergaming 07

      6.69 subs nice

    71. Battlegriffine

      Your the best player in all

    72. Mr.Crabby

      3:49 “think Summer 100% I don’t know “ bruh.

    73. Yazen Daoud

      Yo rip muselk he’s gonna cry after he sees this

      1. Aarav Aher

        He wasn’t in luminosity during this was he?

    74. Keelyn Jacobson

      Fresh: *kills right in front of someone* Also Fresh: oh, they reported it.

    75. Jonathan Mwenebatu Kichozi

      2017: where we dropping boys 2018: where we dropping boys 2019: where we dropping boys 2020: where was the body boys

    76. aroz125


    77. aroz125


    78. sayid Reznov.12

      I played witch bodyguard i was red

    79. mason kelley

      Corpse is best

    80. CyFi

      He got lies

    81. CyFi

      He was going bup bup b

    82. Dylan Ball

      2018 where we dropping boys 2019 where's the dimids boys 2020 who we voteing boys

    83. Yamato Rengoku

      XQC is smart but doesnt know difference between a donkey and a dog

    84. Scavenger

      fresh is on my friend list

    85. Josiah Fuller

      The best feeling of all time in among us it cant be him

    86. Entitled


    87. CyFi


    88. CyFi


    89. CyFi


    90. CyFi

      Light green not sus pink suser

    91. CyFi

      Off orange RIP

    92. CyFi

      Blue thicc

    93. CyFi

      Red sus

    94. CyFi


    95. Patrick Long

      xqc isnt even that good hes just loud

    96. Hussain

      xQc talks too much

    97. isaiah gardea

      X is not even good at the game all he does it just throws

    98. Josue Rivera

      i im josue

    99. Josue Rivera

      mr fres

    100. Josue Rivera

      you play call of ops