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  1. theblackening

    1. The game still looks like ass. 2. You can't even pronounce the name of the company you're shilling for.

  2. Oscar and tom


  3. Cruz Sader

    It probably looks better in person cause on HUgets it looks normal unless I鈥檓 tripping

  4. YT_Amrit

    Being a dogshit player smh

  5. Jeremy Phaon

    Anyone else wondering how the thumbnail works

  6. 7NEO

    Me watching on 480p馃う鈥嶁檪锔 鈥渓ook even shit Tf鈥 馃槀

  7. Matthew Ramacciotti

    you should have made this 4k

  8. mr therm

    this was painful to watch.

  9. Ryder's Corner

    dude that's insane you where at 6 mill like 6 months ago now you are at 7 mill keep doing what you are doing I love your vids congratulations

  10. ZizzyIsCool

    1080p With these graphics is just real life.

  11. Scott Lyons

    My sun found it 馃槉

  12. Henrika Drazdoviene


  13. Daisy Roman

    Did anyone go back to his old/ recent videos to see the difference in the graphics..? No just me..k鉁

  14. 2 Percent me

    What鈥檚 better these graphics or ps5 graphics?!

  15. Elliott Mathews

    Me watching this video in car with no water and I鈥檓 thirsty and listening to fresh elaborate about the water馃槱馃い

  16. George Bosch

    Yay I'm finally early to the party. :D

  17. kannanchu

    i want a 30 series GPU, mine is 1660

  18. Pro Gamer Ikonik 114


  19. Mr.Slayer26

    Can you add CamoTh3Winner I'm getting bullied please help me so please

  20. Colin Clara McLaughlin

    I got the same grafick I think

  21. helaboy 123

    9:41 1 damage?

  22. Livy鈥檚 gaming Show

    I was in his game 馃槰

  23. Complxity_ty

    8:13 me when I see myself in the mirror

  24. Liam Sookdial

    9:22 This was Kaidoz stream sniping. HE'S a huge youtuber

  25. Ivs721

    sadly scalpers took all of the 30 series cards

  26. Juaquin Pando

    Already found all the computers

  27. Lake bishop

    This vid is well cute 馃グ

  28. charlie lawrence

    Well he showed two of the laptops in this vid

  29. Spider-Man Fan

    it looks the same theres no diffwrence

  30. Atilolzz


  31. ThatOneGuy33

    That looks like a whole different game

  32. PivotalJaguar50

    Fresh: IF YOU PLAY THIS MAP, Me: boots up fortnite for the only time Fresh: YOU WILL HAVE A CHANCE! Me: OH OK THATS FUN

  33. DirectorA

    On the last round he became the lord of spam

  34. Ariana Bannon

    Is it just me or does it look the same?

  35. Alexander Wong

    Pretty sure it's pronounced enn-vidia not "nuhvidia" or am I just wrong

  36. selmo TV

    unavailable stock

  37. superoperman909 !

    Imagine watching this on 144p though

  38. Spark productions

    I don鈥檛 see a difference I think I鈥檓 blind

  39. Slicer

    It honestly doesn鈥檛 change much at all except for the water

  40. Mihajlo Jovicic

    When I saw Best graphics I knew its RTX3080

  41. Johnnyxp64

    Hardware Unboxed is so right and i feel the same so i quote: "Here's a semi-pro Fortnite player showing off RT in Fortnite, paid for by Nvidia. Fresh will never ever really play with RT enabled, but hey free RTX 3080 and money from Nvidia. Make a single video and back to low settings for that competitive advantage. Not hating on Fresh, he can do exactly what he鈥檚 done here. But this is a perfect example of what Nvidia wants the future of tech reviews to look like. Also it鈥檚 funny how almost all the effects he noticed aren鈥檛 Ray Tracing related, rather just a result of going from the low to epic preset " 馃檮馃槄

  42. dk Danmark

    Fresh is the Best HUgets i putte fresh on the top better than ninja

  43. Xxgacha and dc2 red X

    Uhm fresh thers a guy thats called fresh two not good :^(

  44. XxRey_XnationX X

    Imagine Fresh is on *50 ping* and his still getting annoyed

  45. JIM-E G

    I got all of the laptops

  46. SuperSal

    9:09 fresh your admiring the graphics a little to much 馃槅

  47. LeviathanPriim

    like your average 7yr old cares about reflections in puddles, lul Nvidia more out of touch than they claim

  48. jbob music

    Nvidia rtx 3080 is such a scam, I have a gtx 1660 super and got 50-80 fps with these settings, which is very playable.

  49. AdMiN HaCkEr

    fresh is watching shanonn briggs to much ( cuz he be sayin' CHAMP)

  50. Ace Boi


  51. Bread Skii

    I hate her I am mad at her

  52. Bread Skii

    my mom just got me the ps5 but she said I can't play on it so like whats the point of getting me the ps5 you know

  53. Lake bishop

    Ty for telling us

  54. Lake bishop

    I need a new laptop for my homework mine broke 馃ゲ馃ゲ馃ゲ

  55. Rohan Ginjupalli

    Anyone realized that he disabled show FPS so no one would see the bad FPS he was getting

  56. Maddox Lugo

    Everyone: it鈥檚 the exact same thing Fresh: the water looks so good

  57. Ana Yanez

    I found them all

  58. Shyaan Ali

    Can u stop saying graphics it getting annoying

  59. The Red Strike

    me at 144p: what do you mean "good graphics?'

  60. G. P

    2:36 he missed a llama :(

  61. The reckless gamer

    Fresh: 鈥渋t looks so good鈥 Me: I don鈥檛 see a difference

    1. Jonas Savimbi _

      Looks worse馃し馃徔鈥嶁檪锔

    2. Samantha Zietsch

      Me to

  62. Freddie Hazelton

    Fresh the entire video: I can see myself

  63. Lorieas

    How is this a challenge

  64. Max Grodin

    Did anyone realize that he got the same the loot from the chest at the truck

  65. George Ishak

    Can you please stop using kondor and please use reflex more please

  66. Ashley Betteley

    lachy copied you after tell him to think of his own ideas

  67. Gingy

    It looks the same.

  68. Gingy

    It looks the same.

  69. JIMIN The Awesome

    Imagine getting a heart from fresh 鉂わ笍

  70. MCcraft playz

    fresh i am a fan of pickles and i just want to ask do you eat pickles or not

  71. Ethan (student) Striplin

    Fresh is Asian

  72. NT Crimzy

    I can only find 4 out of 5

    1. unicorn gamer girls

      I have all them and have the laptop

  73. Ryftzs

    Hey fresh u should do a max FPS video also love ur vids keep up

  74. Nayana Mateos

    He a said a verse


    Guys, I beg you, DONT JOIN THE CREATIVE ISLAND!!! It's legit scary I wish I never played it馃榾馃榾

  76. Faze Lebron James aka Stefan


  77. Pasan

    Fresh: shadows aren鈥檛 damn bad Console players: u don鈥檛 understand the pain and struggle

  78. Mmj Ramirez pineda

    Wow noice

  79. MrBeast 6000

    The graphics look normal

  80. Lil Drew

    Wait his step mom hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm