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  1. sharkking lol


  2. Tracy Berk

    i am still waiting for you to say what's up guys and no

  3. T-Rex Dansasuke

    Seriously consider playing apex fresh

  4. B KLAP


  5. Saad Hussain

    All the simps out there 馃槀

  6. chhaya agarwal

    The graphics must be a high refresh rate monitor like 360 hz and an rtx 3080 because that is compatible with 360 hz monitors

  7. BraxRoyce

    They should be fighting thanos bc in the movie they fight him

  8. Artem Bogatyrev

    Anyone notice fresh has ilsa. Muted in fortnite

  9. Oliver Thomson

    Can you pls like this comment 馃槥馃ズ

  10. chhaya agarwal

    It is difficult for you to wake at 6 am while I always do in india but the event in india is going to be at 2 am

  11. Broderick Sanchez

    What鈥檚 up guys 鈥測es鈥


    What times the event for GMT?

  13. Thee Stumbler

    I think 6 am is better than 4 am, Fresh.

  14. Rj Raney

    First match sounded he was lagging on discord LOL

  15. Orange

    I just realised that he鈥檚 using the dc glider and not a marvel one lol 馃槀

  16. ASVPXARIS belman

    150 players

  17. T-Rex Dansasuke

    Well fortnite copied most of the things from apex

  18. Raiz_ Dynamic

    me ignoring the game and fresh talking and stare at the glitched LMG

  19. Nancy Chambers


  20. Liam Yao

    Bruh fresh that LMG is broken I mean it鈥檚 literally shotting


    You loot burner 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  22. Romanx 323

    If you want a long gane play arena, or are you too scare to do it

  23. Kaylen Hopkins

    Already pop in of when on a mithic challenge

  24. cxn rasko

    What keyboard does fresh use???

  25. Tiktok. iboss_007

    I hate my life I have no friends馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶


    wow nice gun glitch

  27. CxntrolFr3ak

    *Lets hope its a good new season..* *Lets Dam Hope...* **OUTRO MUSIC!** my fave part..

  28. Fivebugs15

    Who else misses the mrfreshasian intro

  29. Chuckie17

    Big brain galactus

  30. Ibrahim Elgharib


  31. Stephen Wilson

    Galactic is going to change fort

  32. Sue-Ann Evans

    I got 7 ads on this video and it not 10 minutes long how did get that much ads

  33. Reda Amrani

    your LMG is broken

  34. The Blazin' Gamer

    what is WRONG with his lmg man

  35. Suhaan Arora

    Indian people who will stay awake to watch the event at 230 AM 馃憞

  36. Omar Alsharif

    Punishment ungranted

  37. hannahedwards1989

    This is me in Fortnite \/ \/ 馃槙how does Lazer die easily it's the easiest boss lol

  38. NinjamudXD Playz

    fresh i loved your vid but you said no bumb to trees and you did it

  39. hannahedwards1989


  40. HoodKill

    Fresh is in love with THICCNESS.

  41. The memeist gamer

    w the best comment ever

  42. Capz AU

    SAY 鈥淲hat鈥檚 up guys, No鈥 PLEASE JUST ONCE FOR YOU DAD @lazarbeam

  43. Sawyer clipz 2.0

    No one : Not a soul: Tesla: I have snack balls :)

  44. Matthew Printup

    You're mean if you don't like your girlfriend play with you

  45. yeet god

    i am so unlucky dude i m gonna miss the galactus event because i am oing out of town 馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨

  46. Episodic Choice

    Everyones hinting towards a new map 馃憖馃憖

  47. ancientmemes

    That lmg though

  48. Baron Zeppelli

    Storm King: *Fail of destroying the Island* Galactus: _Fine, I'll do it myself_

  49. Tankdan1

    when did he adopted you at 20 years old or something?

  50. Elitified Kid

    fresh is the best

  51. thomas mm

    fresh is da best boi

  52. Francisco Clerkin Monzon

    Fresh says people know how to play he beat ninja

  53. Ac ifelohs chair 7906

    Well lachan was trash馃棏馃棏馃棏

  54. Francisco Clerkin Monzon

    Do u guys know wat a gorges is pls reply


    Why does the lmg start firing as soon as he Changes it wtf

  56. Kristen Farley

    I like that he hates when people are annoying to him but he does not care if he is annoying

  57. RNGBilal Vlogs

    (: ):

  58. Dhruv Belani

    Fresh:cries about waking up at 6 am Indians who have their event at 2:30 am馃ズ

  59. Sebastian Friede

    What did you say laser beam did you say that controller players are bad I can 1v1 you and I can still win

  60. Benjamin Stilton

    Whats up guys no

  61. Aaqib Nawab


  62. Jannik 艩pilak

    imagine fleking with fortnite skills to impres your girlfriend

  63. Baron Zeppelli

    Not Gonna lie, but LazarBeam is big as Galactus up in the map

  64. Filip the cat

    fresh:OMG THIS IS BEEN LIKE 40 DAYS AND ONLY ONE MIDAS FLOPPER Me frend:ohh look a midas flopper at the first day of fishing


    I鈥檝e never reached 0 ping hopefully today I will lol

  66. Heyyy.its. Marie

    I did the things to enter the giveaway hope I win fingers crossed 馃

  67. Izen Gaming And Art

    Hey fresh

  68. Mythic gamer

    Fresh is over rating the expensive setup, headset is 130 dollars keyboard 300 mouse 200 and mousepad around 70 bucks

  69. Adam Zaveri

    I finished the battle pass at the last second when the live event come I鈥檒l still have everything :)

  70. Mat墨ss Visockis

    Perfect in the hole thats what he said

  71. Elliot Nugent

    What time is the event in OCE ??Pls someone tell me

  72. Muhammad Zaman

    is it just me or is his lmg shooting by it self


    i do this on ps4 since i dont have a pc

  74. Cooper on 144 hz

    0:27 his mouse costs 500!!!

  75. Yogi Ashworth

    Damn she much nicer than when Lannan did it

  76. Liv Bas

    he have 69 hp on 3:16

  77. sheefue

    Does anyone know why my gallery wont show in my instagram when i want to send an image?

  78. Josh Green

    Does he realise that L2 is on playstation and there on xbox

  79. Rajmoni Bima

    Simp jkjk

  80. goegigang

    U used mini鈥檚 at the end